Soundcloud Censors Musicians.

Soundcloud Censors Musicians. 8/28/2022, updated 9/9/2022 10-9-2022

So our subs were not getting any notifications and we released so much music this year this person has been a fan since day one and to hear and see this is far beyond disturbing to us.

Sound cloud Censors Musicians. as of 8-25-2022 our track was removed without consent
and censored from the public with nothing but 100% factual information. We can bet they wont explain it. like all the rest who have censored this song.

Update we have contacted them about the censorship and they sent us multiple messages saying that they are getting higher than usual tech support issue. which would be understandable. But the pattern with the companies that censor you. They will not respond to emails or questions as they know it puts them into the legal spotlight and exposes the guilt so what they will do is ignore and avoid answering questions.

We noticed a change the day we sent the evidence of their censorship to them. we started seeing listens to our music which on their platform has had almost 0 listens with 350 subs????? care to explain
But like YouTube we have watched and studied their systems and understand how they function very very well. esp with someone who works for them explaining to us what they have done. our witness for court. we also have asked our 350 subs which has not changed in almost 2 years if they have been getting notifications of our newest tracks and strangely and sadly expected they all said no.

The pattern with these censorship assholes is they make it look like you function normally and then in the background they shadow ban your channel throttle your views and stop notifications reaching your audience. they try to make you invisible. But you have no idea.

A few way to check we learned from some YouTube whistleblowers. is actually really damn simple.. if you want to test if this is happening to you and your channel. comment on a video and sign out go back and try to find your comment. it will be removed but when you sign in. Go back to the video and your comment will be right there for only you to see! we will be posting the emails daily we send them to get our information as they have violated our constitutional rights civil rights and censored art.
All illegal. The main reason they have done it is our music leads you to our website with the information they desperately do not want people to have get or read.

There is nothing more to this censorship than the united states government attacking our company and our art. Yes we said that and yes we know that factually

Notice the song owned by not of man is some how rejected
they forced us under duress to click legal boxes to indemnify them before we could even file the claim. Which this is a common theme with them
SoundCloud just proved it again!

Our song Build Back better / The great reset is 100% legal
they keep censoring the song because it has peter daszak explaining how to make
corona viruses in the lab and they cannot be vaccinated against.

Ask yourself a question why do they keep censoring this track
who and what it telling them too.
as music is protected under the constitution and freedom of speech and expression
these large corporations are paid to keep this shut up and silenced in order to keep you stupid and unaware of the criminal acts they did to the population as a test on the human condition to see
just how far they could push until they got push back.

Now that they know how to control you expect the fear, control measures, and censorship to be part of daily life the same as their propaganda

So again to everyone who illegally censors us fuck you and we keep a list and evidence.
you removed the song. and we can bet that you sent an email with a bs excuse in it.

Here is the track. our teams will put the song on cd and take it door to door for free.
you will not stop us from exposing you. you fucking idiots. We do not fear you.
but obviously you damn well fear us!

woahh woah woah is that planet lockdown 2021 on our account the one you reject our rights of ownership too? you really need to explain this.

we also recorded the entire process of file a dispute and we will show you how they can censor you and cover their asses at the same time. we we had to sign under duress

We are asking nicely one time after that you are fair game. We don’t forgive and forget. Stop fucking with us let us do our job and you do yours

HAHAHAHAHA you are connected to youtube. Oh this is gonna get good, everyone susan has it out for us because we exposed they paid peter daszak for over ten years and so they shut down our account the second we did it. So this may just be the opportunity we needed to expose the parties connected to this company. Why they would censor and why they would not want anyone to hear our music. LOL God the game just gets more and more corrupt the further you go. If this world only knew the shit all of you have a hand in. We are openly stating that you are censoring us. esp if you are connected to youtube. wanna sue us feel free. we can prove it.

Not of Man