San Francisco YouTube censored pedophile Choir

Happy pride month 1-6-2023 Before we get hate mail we have LGBT on our team and they find this as disgusting as we do. So before you try and say anything understand this team is made up of individuals who have lived lives most have never seen.

From being raped as children to murder. So we have every right to say something as we are the victims of people just like this. We will no longer stay silent

When the rape of one of our team was reported to the police their question to them was are you sure you didn’t enjoy it. So understand males who have been raped get almost no help from any sources and females get saved from everything

Protecting sexual abusers is fucking disgusting and as some of our team have been sexually assaulted the fact they removed this is beyond offensive and bullshit. You want to protect kiddie fuckers while telling people we are the bad guys fuck YouTube go fuck yourselves.


Don’t worry we went through the list hopefully we found them all

You might ask why YouTube censored stories around pedophilia on our channels and allowed pedophiles to keep operating in the way they do.

But be very worried when You-Tube Censors stories like this

Ask yourself why censor this……….

When all the tech companies put in the VH system vaccine hesitancy system and rated each of you on it. trained their workers on ranking and shadowing throttling and so on. They didn’t expect them to come to the other side and expose the frauds they really are.

Not of Man