Pfizer Moderna J&J Side Effect Videos

We have an almost endless numbers of these sent to us. This is what they do not show you on Tv. This will be updated rather constantly as we rebuild our site back from the ground up do to go daddy removing our site without warning ( wonder why ) please also read

Our article on the Nuremberg code as it has been violated by every country and medical system. WE have all the evidence. please consider getting a lawyer and start a medical malpractice and human rights violations and start holding these system accountable for the injures they have put upon us all eso since we have no idea what the long term side will be and we wont be getting that information until 2076 “FDA CDC” so everyone will be dead before we even know the long term effects of these and as you can see below there will be plenty ( if you have a side effect video or know someone with videos or their own video and would like to be heard by the public and not censored by the media any longer

Our site is dedicated to exposing the lies frauds and scams done by any and all of the world leaders.

Its time for the watchers to step out of the shadows and start showing you the truth

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Vaccine Injury Videos Intro
Listen clearly he says no one told him any of this would happen. Nuremberg code violation sec 1
A professional boxer injured by the vaccine.
Not of Man