Not Safe Not Effective The COVID 19 Vaccine Documentary 2019 – 2024 (2,201,851 adverse reactions Censored by YouTube)

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Not Safe Not Effective The COVID 19 Vaccine Documentary 2019 – 2024 (2,201,851 adverse reactions Censored by Google

Part 1 will be uploaded separately: As a test and study on google and youtube

Note to teams
Dear teams we have been being attacked and censored even after the court case saying they have no right to do so. Please take the time to go watch the channel videos and records and document when the views do not change and also the albums have views removed this has been a constant battle as we all know but now we know how to capture and prove all of it so its on you to step up and document their fraud. (UK, US, EU, teams) Please label time stamps and dates.

We can already prove it with the below video. (Please snail mail all videos, do not email the documentation.)

we left part one up and used it as a way to expose the manipulation by YouTube. Here is the story views and the YouTube views for the video directly below it seems they are off by 996 or so.

it shows the video has been clicked 14 times ? yet it has been watched and clicked far more than they actually show.

Part 2

Part 3

you can see the views removed from the video below

The Video below has been viewed through the website via the site data and third party information. You can see the small number of views on a censored video and then the removal of those views. This is due to the open fraud during COVID of factual information and the evidence to prove it

We told you since 2020 and have not stopped no matter how they have silence our teams bands and websites. Know that we kept a record so that history can look back at these lying fucks and say never will you do this to us again. They lied killed murdered under the guise of trying to save your life and act as if they care when congress made millions in profits off the jab. While they lied withheld medical information for years knowing the actual harm and side effects.

The Not of Man Band Even Released an Album Warning all of you what is happening
the Warnings 2011-2022

long before the reports started coming out in 2024 and as you can see education was key to understanding their game. Understand our lives have enabled us to see and function as they do.

When the devil is warning that something much worse than him is coming, its not because he wants to scare you. It’s because he is the very thing he see’s ( the difference is we choose to try and do good for the world.) We have all seen to much of the bad. We choose to be different.

So what did they do and how did they do it ( very easy to trick idiots when they are scared and have no idea how to educate themselves)

Keep the numbers on the screen push fear of death hospitalizations and lock them in their homes for years. Before you get mad at us ( the Government ) We love you let us test something we know is deadly: but we can all keep each other safe if we do it all together. The shot is not working like we thought it would so you will need to get life long boosters like a flu shot to make sure you are safe.

Instill fear, Act as if you care, Manipulate the media, Scare Dr’s out of speaking, Change medical documentation so our paper trails cannot be found change the history of how we did this to the world and in 20 years you will all forget. ( what they will teach in schools will not be the truth but how they saved everyone from death) Here is the evidence to show you and everyone else that is not true in anyway.

You can hear peter Dazask connected project defuse and studying the corona virus in wu han and in our opinion the very man with Fauci created Covid 19 .He explains how coronaviruses cannot be vaccinated against. Why because it killed everything it touched in humanized mice study from Texas in 2012. READ THE CONCLUSION

youtube has seemed to make this video unplayable instead of flat out censoring

It seems that google has stopped the above video from playing and censored it completely. Visitor exposed in real time (Thank You) after the noted censorship it has been removed and will be added back to the story directly through the site. We do this so that we can track and trace the information going to and from google to see if there is an interruption in the searches.

The Above Video was taken from the FDA conference and as you can see he knows the side effects are there and he skips over them asap

we want you to note the notice on the video from the World Health Org / CDC / FDA / D.O.D


Not of Man