New document drop Clinton Connected to Covid 19 while secretary of state in 2009: 1-23-2023

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New document drop for 1-23-2023 sources have been fact checked to back up the documents.
feel free to try and look them up yourselves some come from inside whistleblowers. we suggest starting with a search of 09state67207_a or a search of Hillary Clinton warns Australia and french of bio weapons being created from Wuhan china while secretary of state. Her response only seems to be your racist if you bring this up. But its a well documents email with knowledge of bio-weapons being manufactured. We have the document and if they think we will not post it out of fear. You are wrong.
This is a news report that no one seems to want to give the evidence for and as for the issue of the posting of the email here is a cia analyst talking directly about it below @JACKPASOBIEC you rock man

Not of Man