Nancy Pelosi Endorsing the Violence outside Justices houses 6/9/2022

listen to the fact she has no care in the world for people who disagree with her agenda

the law states you cannot protest outside the justices house yet she has no regard for the law in the aspect of protecting judges who do not agree with political goal. This is the exact definition of terrorism.
she blows off the question stating he is safe.

well sadly the police did nothing to stop this. The man oddly called 911 on himself instead of just leaving. openly stating he wants to harm a justice who does not agree with you.

if he didn’t call the police on himself this would have been a very different ending and now you seem to be ok with the actions of violence just like in 2020. You are a DVE your husband is a drunk pile of shit who traded stock while we were mandated illegally to take them. 3.5 mil then the drunk wraps his car around a fence and the chp and you as well as newsom are running cover because again you are criminals and no one wants to hold you accountable.

after seeing what happened in 2020 and now in 2022 and her statements and reactions to the violence
endorsing and even ensightment it you need to be arrested now

more calls for violence to get your political goal accomplished

We also have the body camera and mug shots of Paul and are willing to sell them to the highest bidder.
the ones who know will contact us and we will give them over for a price. or you can release it on your own. we would rather make money off the whistleblower videos your call.

hi paul hows that 3.5 mil and a get out of jail free card to the public. Not this time bud we dont let criminals walk away
paul and nancy’s insider information

here is her full speech of lies. she starts off by saying an online comment will remove you from access to purchase weapons. So free speech in anger without action now is punishable by having freedoms removed if you use your freedom to express and not act. listen to rap music every lyric is about a gun a girl or a drug. So does this mean rappers will not have the ability to purchase weapons anymore

Explain it clearly which you cant. again to anyone who is willing to pay we are willing to humiliate this old bag .

the video cannot be released yet as the police are some how still investigating this and since they are covering for him they will not release it publicly anyone who has it and posted it has seen it removed. Even YouTube is covering and has removed it several times after the video leaked
he only keeps saying who he married to while being helped

but who cares about that now Paul is off to the races again.
both of you belong in a cell

Not of Man