Leaked FBI & Facebook Midterm social media Misinformation Sheet.

So in our view the republicans will win the election over all the shit that the democrats have created and labeled it the right wing. (If you are looking for just the documents scroll down)

Time magazine article should have been titled how to steal an election

Time magazine article should have been titled how to steal an election

So here at not of man we have a wonderfully close understanding of how psychological operations work and the steps they use to carry them out. We have all been trained to see it first hand. We understand just by speaking with someone who and what they are. (If you are looking for just the documents scroll down)

We have used our abilities to give you information and a guide to understanding how these people operate but we would like to share this one video with you. So you can hear it from someone else. Someone who works in the same field of understanding and he develops psychological operations and understands the tricks far more than most, listen close as he is explaining everything we have for years.

The very thing This man said is in the video below it. understand its all a game and your mind is the playing field

Now listen to them speak after listening to the psychological operations Manuel creator

But we think we will see the same style results that take days in order to count and issues with voter integrity along with massive confusion. The Dem’s will win just like they have been with the slider

Every word he has said is backed up by this video below. If you have not watched both videos you will not see the game in action. Now Listen to Mark explain to the American public how elections should work or be handled in 2020 why did he do this he invested in the mother FKR or his wife we should say.

These people control all the information you see in the document below they will be censoring anything they deem misinformation to be. They cannot label it down to exactly what is misinformation the only say its not true or meant to mislead which is what the media does every day and our entire site proves it
Whoa why are these social media companies so invested in manipulating our elections ? Maybe because they really are the government now that they are bigger than the government. Everything they use is developed by these people and they think one day they wont turn off the key lol

This is the non elected censors of the internet along with cisa who censor without being a government entity it is directly run by social media companies

The Disinformation Board will be back and worse than last time. Leaked FBI Midterm social media Misinformation Sheet. All Companies will be censoring this content.

she was tossed aside and now they are trying again

The word misinformation is now being used as the replacement term for conspiracy theorist.
Calling anyone conspiracy theorist is now a badge of honor. So instead of saying they are crazy conspiracy nuts they will just label you misinformation and silence your voice opinion and thoughts.

Please understand these small steps lead to a much darker place in the end you have no free speech free will or the ability for free thought without fear of punishment. This is a psychological game being played and most have no clue they are being conditioned to behave how they are choosing for you to behave.

exactly what he said is what is in the document at the bottom page.

who created the term conspiracy theorist well the C.I.A did to discredit anyone with information that was truthful. It was a way to put them in with a group of people who everyone thought was crazy and didn’t know what they were talking about

and there is the document in 1080 p for you
the funniest thing about this document is these are the laws they break constantly

This should read DHS needs a unified strategy to counter conspiracy theorist Campaigns. This is how they change language into new terminology. That is another game used. Old words lose meaning and become slang. At the same time when you change a word like they did below you now open the door to do many more things in order to stop and reach that goal of complete censorship.

If you use the word disinformation then the government will now turn around and start to label government authoritative content to be the only allowed speech and then you become a despotic society. ( A world in which the rich are the only ones allowed to live and be educated with the real information, while the lower class only can reach so high because of the limits places upon them by their ruler) How do they now control information with social media.

So below is the man who said that Russia gate was true and now its been proven a lie
this man lied under oath but is out free with no charges like all 50 Intel officers who signed the documents saying it was a Russians and trump

Here is all 50


With this document you should know that YouTube Facebook twitter all share internal information about things of this nature in order to work together in a way that is easier and allows for quicker control over information so anything on this list works for all social media companies

all parties included until page 7 when the lawsuit starts over free speech

Not of Man