Joe Biden: The Failure Eliminating Oil With One Lie at a Time. 4-1-2022

Joe Biden again is releasing more oil from the reserves. the only problem with that is when you removed something you need to produce more and replace whats been lost. Oil production has stopped in the U.S. and they are forcing you to go electric and are not explaining its actually worse for the environment to go green.

Imagine millions of solar panels all broken and needing to be replaces daily. what will the cost of that be?
Did you know that to produce one electric car they use more carbon in creating it than the lifetime of driving a car or truck that runs off gas. the wind turbines cause health issues and kill animals. the fluctuation in the air pressure is not healthy for the body. They do make noise a loud whooshing sound. they freeze in the cold weather and stop producing electricity Texas power out age was from that and ercot just saying we will not turn the power on.

they keep telling you that carbon is yet they have never told you the plants that emit carbon have clean scrubbers at the top so what you really see is clean carbon which is good for the plants and allows them to get the nutrients they need to function and give us clean air.

Going green is a scam and its easily provable that very shortly Biden will have ran through our oil reserves leaving us empty handed and forced to go electric. Just wait for the those gas prices 9.00 , 10, a gallon

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