Joe Biden speech 09/01/22

Joe Biden speech 09/01/22

Joe Biden Trying to Manipulate MAGA’s Into doing something stupid. Understand they attack trump so he can no longer run for office. The are scared to death of him and the MAGA’s. Notice the colors in the speech they are meant to cause anger and rage. Colors can influence your psychology very easily its how McDonalds its so good at getting customers in and then getting them out at a high turn over rate. Its also used in marketing

Jill Biden is not a real Dr she is a teacher. A Dr treats and cures illnesses she does none of those.
she just wants a fancy title repeated for her name in the history books, to bad we wont let you. Your label is being misused. You both act for sht in front of the camera. Its funnier to watch you try to get him in order when he gets off the plane or chopper. Then the over used kisses and affection before you walk off stage.

before we start we do not belong to any political side or group.

We watch the ones who rule us and report on them. Nothing more.
If you think we are Maga we do not care.
if you think we are Biden supporters we do not care.
We truly give no fks what you think.
The Only thing that matters to us is the truth.
Sadly our united states president is so full of lies and hate its almost unbearable.
with that said we completed the transcript of the speech as well as have the video.

This is in no way a finished story we will be going through each part of it and giving video evidence he is opening being dishonest with the American people below you will find one. With nothing but dems explaining the violence wont end until they get what they want. That includes the VICE PRESIDENT

blue is neutral or true
green is a lie and provable as well
Red is inflammatory statements about fellow Americans

We would like to point out this was probably the weakest speech ever given by this puppet.
Using Hollywood tricks in order to push a message and threaten Americans because they don’t agree with you.

Even though he states we the people. The people have openly spoken and while you claim 81 million voted for you how do you explain more votes than Obama and your are hated 1000% times more. Including all the voter fraud evidence and videos on our site. How can you claim voter fraud was false when its very openly apparent in the videos.

To the SO CALLED MAGA groups. Before you get all up in arms over this speech you have to understand the side issues that are not being addressed and what he is not saying. The point of this speech is to make you angrier and manipulate you into doing stupid shit. If you are a maga and thinking of doing something. stop the stupid shit now!

Also if someone is trying to convince you and a group to do something. remember the loudest voice with no action is a Fed.

2020 and 2021 violence was all democrats and blm antifa burning down our cities and country and murdering kids and mothers in their car. attacking political figures and nothing but threats of violence out of the democrats.

With that said let us try to explain the background to what is happening.
The dem’s understand that 2022 is going to hurt and they fked themself so badly they have no way to turn it around. So they idea is to give Americans a new villain and fear to control you.

Democrats threatening why have none of these people been arrested o NM the GOV can threaten and scare you its their job.

He used trigger words the entire speech and it even includes something we do not believe we have ever seen before. Hollywood style light effects to enhance the speech. Blue is a color of trust , calm and sales basically its the color you want to wear to convince someone to trust you and buy your product. So if his speech was to convince you to trust him he would never use red. ( Communist color BTW now surrounding the American flag)

If you wear red you are showing power. Strength and courage.
Its a power color and its off putting when in contrast to the speech.

Biden has open labeled Americans threats and demonized them for their own beliefs while saying he believes all Americans have a right to that ? double speak.

he lied his way through covid his statement about a cure fore cancer is accurate as they already have it.
Its another mRNA Vaccine.

Over time the goal is to move away from medicine and move to vaccines – Dr Fauci
we have the video of the discussion in which he and the world health org state this but it has been removed from public view so we will pull from our archives and add it. Apologies – NOM Team

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