Joe Biden Remarks on Inflation Just before Ukraine as you can clearly hear they are at fault. So is Russia

Like it or not a war is coming, and Joe Biden started it. What they are doing now is giving you a direction to point your hate at. This helps the goals of Joe Biden,
He alone promised to end fossil fuel and be aware of this
global cooling / warming / ice caps melting / warming sorry over the years its changed a lot and nothing ever happens
Planets heat and cool constantly why wouldn’t ours lol

war is serious money and the profits are in the billions of dollars. Esp for manufacturing weapons, technology, and yes bio weapons, and space weapons.

Now If they can blame Russia you wont be angry at mid terms for what they actually did During the Covid 19 pandemic. It was only 14 days and we ended up with shut down schools for 2 years, masked kids, harmed their development, their mental health, social interaction abilities, and imprisoned you, as if you had been on house arrest.

They ticked and arrested you if you defied this unconstitutional order. They went door to door with vaccine checks in some states and they even went as far as a registry and arm bands to identify the vaccinated.

So this is called misdirection and its a very easy thing to spot. They have the opportunity to blame someone else and repeat it daily on Tv with war footage now.

If you are Tv news watcher you are stuck in a reality of real and fake and I’m sorry no channel is 100% they all have end goals. WE AGAIN do not ask that you take us at our word or trust us please do research on everything on our site and you will find its all real. But please do so you understand how serious this is and how often it happens we have no party we belong to. Some of us have voted Biden and Obama some Trump and Bush. It’s a mixed bag here

So as an example

They just did this with the 2020 riots and bringing up all this race and hatred. Nothing good comes from TV unless you are enjoying a nice show with the family but please notice he is being hit hard on gas and inflation and now its all Russia’s fault. Its a bull S* lie to misdirect your hate and help you forget their failures and say that republicans are using it as a tool to manipulate people. which obviously if you have lived in the U.S. for the last two years you can hopefully see right through it

with love all
All of us at Not of Man

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