Joe Biden lets you know there will be voter fraud months before the 2022 midterm election

The cover photo is a joke as in how he always seems confused and lost. So we wanted to add a little comedy to the divine comedy

There isn’t much to say, Let him say it we have nothing to say but he told you so…….As you can see these are the full clips and nothing was edited out. He knew this and the 2022 midterms have not even started yet. We think his CPU had a short and he said things he was never meant to say publicly.
Why would you say this unless your setting it up for later.

Wow he knew this was going to happen this far back!
Umm people know about the background players and their goals so i dont think they will fall for the same bs

In 2020 they told you how elections would go and wanna bet they will take forever to count

Not of Man