Ashley Biden Diary: Sex abuse, drugs, and resentment for Joe Biden 100% authenticated

April 18 2021 updated 4-20-2023

100% Joe Biden Approved: Idiot’s that’s why you don’t raid someones home and try to intimidate them. There are more than just 1 news group who has and knows the truth about you. Scare tactics are old and done with. As you see no one is scared of you and that includes the world. D.O.J you violated so many constitutional rights against project veritas for having legally obtaining a diary that she left in a room and someone found and gave away.

How about the fact Hunter Biden was getting drugs and hookers on the white house dime sorry to be clear white house credit card. while Joe was in office. You all know that’s true.

Hunter Biden’s text messages with Secret Service agent Robert Savage III on May 24, 2018.

This has been posted because of the fear tactics and the use of force to try and intimidate reporters into silence and remove our god given constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. So understand you violate our rights and now you get the thing you wanted to hide, becomes exposed more and more. Good Job! do your job we will do ours maybe pick a better first family. Maybe one that isn’t full of F* ups and trash

The Entire Diary of abuse from Ashley Biden ( We Wish you the best and you can get away from this shit)
We are victims of sexual abuse as well and its not funny or should it be used as a tool to hurt you. This is to expose the personality of the president

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