How you are followed by cell phones.

We will post a diagram of how this works.
its actually extremely simple once you know how.

Lets say you are the person that is being followed. How would you track and trace each step during the day and never have to leave your seat. Social media, Pinging the different cell towers, the wifi in all the stores you pass and the ones you go into, even your own voice have all become simple ways to identify and follow anyone.

With the rise in VRS vocal recognition systems.
they will know who is speaking from just your voices now
companies now use this to identify the customer including allowing your voice to be the unlock key to your accounts now.

why do you think they tried to sell you on voice tech for so long
The damn xbox camera can read your heart rate.

Your heart rate also identifies who you are as each persons heart beats differently. This is 1984 at work. This is how the identify with masks So you may say this sounds like a conspiracy well then why were apple and google contact tracing you illegally by adding an application on your phone to follow you and even if you oped out they still did.

Simple way to explain all of this is. During covid each of this thing was implemented in order to be able to track and trace all of you. Did you stay inside ? were you speaking to another person, were YOU NOT ESSENTIAL. remember they told you not to speak as air particles were going to kill YOU!. LOL (sorry)
if they wanted to see if you follow the rules they would use these system and by god the did didn’t they

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