Hezbollah and Hamas Come out as LGBTQIA Feb 11 2024 (Burn the Quran coming )

Hezbollah and Hamas Come out as LGBTQIA
We do not want to waste a cent on a Quran but if you want a video cam and a copy of it please burn it and send it in and we will post it we do not fear you. just like on 9-11 you will not let fear rule our world.
we do fear threats or death, We fight for all and will do so on a level world has never seen. We love all the world but anyone like these piles of human shit in which we would openly hug while pulling the pin on a grenade

Guess who has your bullshit bible and will be burning is to the ground recording it and doing it to other religions bibles not for hate but to prove a point you are violent and will always be so. You believe you are different than the rest of the world. You are weak and hide from the world because you know you will be killed for the stupidity you follow. So now your rapist will go down in fire like he should. Fuck your god,

what this pile of shit kill himself. Allah did what for you here except help the rest of the world enjoy the death of another terrorist

Now that this video has come out it explains so much of why they hate the rest of the world, females, gays, and are always so aggressive. They have been in the closest for over centuries and now that they have come out we can only hope that the world will finally see peace.

anyone have a video of a Quran being burned please send it to us. we are tired of dealing with fuckers who think you cannot criticize their religion while the rest of the world can trash everyone but you social butterflies fuck your god and fuck you. Your god is violence and hate. point that 1 finger as high as you like you damn well know you had that on your chocolate starfish

we are dead serious send us a Quran and we will burn it along with every other bible to prove a point you are not special god did not choose you. You use fear to control, but what do you do when you are no longer feared, but seen as a living joke of the stone age. Grow the fuck up its god damn 2023 and you wanna live in the age when your god molests a child. ( your god would be in jail for the rest of their life and have to register as a sex offender ) but then again he can fly back into the clouds on a horse right ?

protest scream cry say whatever you want you fucks did this. The United states does not need to police the world but it should not give an inch to these fucks. This is a group that will always be like this will never change or think that hey maybe if we thought of our kids instead of our god and killing we could have peace. This will never happen so instead of going after j6 idiots why not go after real terrorists.

you will say if you remove one another will takes its place. that’s why you make them fear going back to their old ways. fuck 2 state that wont ever work. I.D.F we hope you cut the hand off and teach them to fear you.

while you all can claim victory over Afghanistan of what not we wiped the earth with you and your leaders you can say whatever you want how many of our leaders in the us have you popped. 0 our military pres and so on have all stood tall over your dead bodies and stripped you nude pissed on your bodies and humiliated you while locked up.

maybe that’s the way to go here. capture and not kill let them get gang raped by a ton of people and sent back out to their families no need to kill them. they will kill themselves ruin their self image and they cannot handle reality. You can say we are speaking hate here but we only hate the terrorists and this is only directed to them.

We would love world peace but their are countries and groups like this that will always do this shit. So make them fear doing it. make them understand if you do this we wont stop until you are all dead. because it what you were going to do to them. from the rivers to the sea Palestine will never be free

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