H.R 4330 Thanks D.O.J , F.B.I

H.R 4330 Thanks to the D.O.J , F.B.I, this bill protects news Orgs from over reaching tyrannical spying of the government alphabet agencies. This bill was created because the D.O.J are criminals who violate the rights of journalists and citizens a like, Thanks to their pathetic raid on Project Veritas and the corruption inside of the D.O.J and F.B.I this bill was introduced . They use our personal communication devices as a way to spy trace and track what journalists do. If you think that sounds crazy we can let you hear Jen Psaki tell you just what a phone is and can do. Its a spy box you keep in your pocket because you thought the simplicity and access to online information would be amazing but at the cost of your freedom your privacy and your civil right. Oh at the bottom of the page will be a PDF call hide and seek. Its a document that proves and shows how governments use phones to track trace and monitor anyone they deem unfit reporters called Pegasus

this is the same for all phones apple now scans photos and searches data on your phone they added an illegal spying app on android and apple without your consent for trace and tracing covid 19. wonder what else it does 4-6-2022 press confrence

Get rid of your phones learn to go back into the 80 / early 90s and live life without the distractions and see how the world changes before you eyes. because after 9/11 the patriot act gave them the right to illegally spy on all American citizens and Edward Snowden revealed that the NSA was doing just that. So wake up people this is not crazy talk but a fact of life in our world now. All social media is a arm of the CIA FBI and what not. You-tube is a spy operation even though it started out as a site to document life and our world its turned into a small controlled state of information that only allows one view and if you differ from that side you will be scrubbed from life’s digital world.

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