Grandma’s for dinner? (Human Composing) Coming to your state soon! in 2022

Human Composting

we are not claiming these will be the effects this is new and very unknown, and unlike what they think they know they have no long term studies and if they do show us the safety of this. We do not want to plant our family into trees that grow food or plants to eat. So you can convince people carbon is a bad. But this is honestly just fucking disgusting. I’m 3 year mortuary science student who went another route so i know exactly what this is and why its being done.

Another big fuck you nazi

Bill Gates has his hands in this. As he owns all the farmland in the US along with china he is also one of the biggest farmers of MC Donald’s fries. Just a heads up! ( fact check the states with human composting and who owns the farmland it will be Gates or China now. Don’t forget he wants you to eat worms while they eat real steak

did we get to vote on this we will have to do some research and see. as they have been trying to sell this for years with little come to our presentation and you get a free dinner at macaroni grill.
MMMMM sounds like a great topic over a meal.

the US now has this disgusting trend of turning dead bodies in to soil.
They even claim it will be used in gardens. We are not sure if anyone remembers a movie.
Soilent green is humans!!!!!! if not look up the movie quote.

its based in the same fucking year omfg this is to good

We have many questions and none of them are answered by the website.
as they made it look as if this is some amazing new treatment for death.
when in reality its going to lead to humans being used to farm all our food.
carbon is good for plants they eat it and release clean air
so a reduction in carbon would be a bad thing for the environment you morons.
we get clearer air. Also they use clean carbon scrubbers a detail in which you leave out.

While you may say this is insane to claim. You wait and see.
Our issue with the is the massive health implications of humans eating humans.
even if you are turned into a liquid goo.

the cancer cells do not die and therefor will be added to whatever is grown in it.
mad cow is caused by cows eating other cows. then they have a neurological disorders which kills them rapidly, and if a human eats a cow with this illness they get it and die from it as well.
We actually know someone who did. Horrible to see/ So will this be the future we start to see in the next 5 to 6 years as that’s how long it takes before the symptoms show

Hey fuck holes no one wants to eat other humans this shouldn’t catch on and the media will try and sell this to you like no other. We think its cool you always wanted to be a tree we have always wanted to be a dragon. but the fact is your not a tree your goo embedded into soil and that means your goo grows into the trees DNA and becomes part of the apple. Not sure is anyone would want to eat from that tree weirdo. Of course who is the shit bag who signs something insane like this into law Gavin Fuckin Newsom

This is coming from someone who studied mortuary science at the age of 19 to 23 and decided to go another route. This is beyond one of the most disgusting things seen and I have seen babies have that have had things done to them by their meth heath mothers. I don’t want to talk about or describe ( Not even sure we can ) .

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