George Soros Exposed updated 1-02-2023

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George Soros The Nazi Exposed

This Video Shows his history and how he worked with the Nazis to round up Jewish families and take their property at the end he openly claims it was the happiest time of his life. Anyone else find him one of the most disgusting piles of human garbage in the universe.

Soros Admits that working with the nazi’s was the happiest time in his life.

he also paid to have his own documentary made about his to paint him in a different light than the above video and comments they have tried to removed from history. This man paid for the riots of 2020 and created the chaos in order to gain further control. This is what we call the chaos theory . We will post an explanation in full but in short:

the more fear and chaos around the more society will lean on the powers that be to save them. So in order to remove more and more freedoms willingly on their own they give you chaos and use it as a later form of control once the laws and rules have been changed in the way they deem fit

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