Gavin Newsom for president, Richard Pan & LAUSD Nuremberg code violations under Covid 19

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This is what has seemed to happen to this entire page and you could guess simply why it would happen. Look at what we have exposed. everything on any story that has this will be replaced with more information and the videos put back you fucking idiots don’t get it. we will never stop

The screen shot below shows that all the videos have been removed and censored the date of photo 3-21-2023

Lets ask him how much money he made in ppp loans for his companies o nm there it is

The above video is a blatantly false advertisement to florida about his idea of what he created through covid. LOL listen to this and then see how much of a liar he is below.

Los Angeles Unified school district forced children to get vaccines with informed consent thanks to Gavin Newsom & Richard Pan: Nuremberg code violations and child abuse. Your censorship doesn’t stop the people from getting our information you morons. Fuck you Newsom and Pan you idiotic fuckers you killed our Family

All the effects he is speaking about being hidden from the public are below in the FDA document from OCT 30 2020!!!!
scroll down to page 16
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Gavin Newsom Recall song from 2020

California’s L.A.U.S.D ,Gavin Newsom & Richard Pan Nuremberg code violations and child abuse

Just pfizer alone has over 1,219 side effects. If you didnt tell anyone about these before you injected them expect them to now be able to sue you all as their informed consent was violated

Below shows the vaccines do not have this information more than 3 different videos proving it. 3 different pharmacies and locations. The fda has openly stated it wont be fully available until 2076 so long after most of us are dead and gone.

Blank vaccine inserts 4-2-21 3 open 3 blank

FDA admitting kids are dropping dead in class from the vaccine
our CBER meeting with the list of all side effect he skipped over all of you have lied and we are exposing all of you and your crimes
Richard-Pan-is-a-criminal-child-abuser they are EUA. not fully authorized and still experimental. and you damn well know none of you give this information to the people or they wouldn’t be taking the jab you f* Richard you are looking more like a fraudulent idiot as the days go by you fuck.

We can prove you lied to everyone and used it to profit from the mandates as well as harming society and children and violations of informed consent and the Nuremberg code. We know you had YouTube censor this track before the recall they told us. Also Richard PAN we didn’t forget you either liar. Everyone remember these faces when your kids have side effects and remember to hold them responsible.

300% increase in miscarriages and 1000% increase in neurological damages and caner the exact document he is talking about is below
14 min Side effects compilation
If you couldn’t figure it out we tried to help you in may of 2021 you moron



After all of this was exposed the man turned around and took mask mandates off so he could make an excuse. You’re a Fraud

Attorney-General-William-Barr lock downs are constitutional violations



kids 5 and under do not need a mask since 2020 world health org
what you did to everyone

one more from a family member of yours for good measure. I do believe it was around 3.5 mil she made while the mandates were going off. She does insider trading and then gets away with it. HMMMMMMM something is getting fishy

Nancy Pelosi insider stock trading o yeah she is a family member of newsom if no one knew that

Have a nice day wanna be. We know the game you have Russia as a distraction and now you can lift and change everything back to partly normal for the mid terms so people are not as angry about the restrictions. Once you claim your so called victory you will send the restrictions in play over another panic. then we will be in the same place.

the issue is Biden has already talked about the background players and that there is already some how voter fraud in the mid terms. You guys all need to get a story strait.

It’s ok he told us the background players will handle it


You closed all the stores forced everyone to shop at Walmart, Target, Amazon only. Destroying peoples lives. homes businesses. leaving more homeless and drug addicted. You failure to the people you represent but sadly its no longer that type of government. Its Dictators who call for violence then tell people who speak truth they are dangerous and label them DVE’s

Democrats-Inciting-Riots-2020 WE HAVE NEVER SAID A THING LIKE THIS AND YOU CENSOR US!!!! you jokes

so you all could profit off a virus created by peter daszak fouci barric and china

Peter-Daszak-Created-Covid-19 this was when youtube was censoring the truth and now that its main stream you dont have to manipulate words. hope that explain hu han
And why are you still funding him ?
We would love to you stupid * but your Husband single handedly F*ed up California, lied, injured, killed people, from his mandates and now he seems to be missing after his booster hahahahahaha Karama
Not of Man