Gavin Newsom is a fraud and a liar. the 2024 presidential / Bruce Wayne Wannabe

As you can see from this video Gavin is trying to show off his skills has no regard for anyone else around him and ruins a good video he could have had while pretending to be president in china, while never once bringing up the the genocide, or fact that they build two coal plants a month when agenda 2030 has us all going electric by 2035 but instead of doing his job in California he ends up touching a child’s ass after kicking them to the floor. Go newsom

He wants it both ways. He pretends everyone come but in reality its only who we want to come and I cant do what I want. Like in covid the rules he wants do not apply to this man

since the track is always censored here it is
This track is a fuck you to gavin newsom
this track has been and will always be censored beyond words
it has nothing to do with being an amazing song it has to do with we know what you did fucker and now you wanna act like a hero. Eat a dick you have no chance to win. EVER !

he locked you in your homes
he lied
he went out while you we’re locked in like a prisoner and told you are not essential
he goes on tv and says you cant complain about the very guidelines he violated then he was caught a second time out with no mask or following his own rules. Instead the next day the revoke the mandates.
the illegal unconstitutional mandates.

The science he claimed to know and knew nothing about.
he tried to force everyone to have a vaccine in order to go into stores.
He ruined your children’s lives and mental health with his blatant stupidity and don’t forget all that money he made with the COVID ppp loans.

You are a joke of a human being.
You lied through the pandemic.

You say you are open to all immigrants yet you seem to have an issue
when they are dropped off in Ca.

You talk shit about other politicians yet you never take into account the fact you are the reason for all of the issues we see in CA.

Biden’s open door policy was the reason for all of this and you supported it
through the pandemic and beyond. Not to mention the supreme court said what biden is doing here is a criminal act.

The people you put into office, the very choices you have made.
the fake word called equity seems to just be a word. To give people jobs not based on skills but color of skin or if they are a minority.

what do you do now that the people you claim are a minority are the majority

are you going to give equity to the Whites, Asian, and Blacks Americans now?

One Asians are discriminated against while applying for colleges
As are whites. Can we fix this now as they are minority’s

with the CA census explaining that the numbers show Hispanic Americans #1. Whites #2. Asians #3. blacks #4. and pacific islanders #5. in CA.

Wouldn’t you want more people in CA to make it more diverse. Like you claim . or is it just that a claim.

You scream you will do this or stand up for, that but when it comes to opening the doors to a sanctuary state

You tweet kidnapping ? How when you have openly invited them.

while they are on video happy as a clam to go to California, they also signed legal documents that were not under any form of fraud.

don’t you think its a bit racist to not welcome them. and instead go after a troll. You could easily say cool thank you and house them as a fuck you back. Instead you act like a little punk as always.

This commercial seems like you welcome everyone with love expect when they go to the rich locations in which your company and your homes are located, can you explain why you are so offended by that ? Actually by your response there is no need to. They are ok in san fran or la but not in your back yard huh.

You did invite them even though you lied in the commercial. Esp when get the above report explaining your very policies are the reason California is in the shape it is.

Gavin newsoms violations under covid 19 and his bullshit apology video for getting caught

The most important document is the one showing you stupid lockdowns and lack of education in the pandemic has led to the mental health crisis we have with children and adults including the violence and homelessness.
Not to mention the people who died and suffered side effects from the vaccine while you kept saying it was safe and effective while the government documents show the opposite.

Could you also explain why you are file making cars that pollute the air worse than gas power vehicles Simple answer is if everyone uses one resource one they control they can manipulate the cost say there is a shortage and boom. you want to make green energy with wind turbine which brake more than they work. So what in the flying fuck are you doing ?

So who are you saving and why is it being done this way……..
Not of Man