YouTube Fraud Data manipulation Despotism through covid 19 100% evidence of censorship. 8/28/22

YouTube Fraud Data manipulation Despotism through covid 19 100% evidence of censorship. 8/28/22 Now you see why they want us censored. They are scared

The created group is called the GIFCT and it has 0 oversitght and censores websites musicians and alike anyone that says what they do not want said. Damn Susan going back to 1943 here is the website this is criminal and a violation of our constitutional rights. Ask yourself if she really wanted to stop the world issues she would make them the forefront not censor them. She is one of the group.

the group
Look at her face. You can see she is a lifeless drone in life. She follows orders. Nothing more than a rag doll with far too much control

Youtube committing data manipulation and fraud for joe biden

explain it susan ! this was actually the real reason the dislike button is now different.

Nuremberg code violations informed consent violations

This page is going to be ongoing and details added more and more as we get them all from our sources and outlets. it will be exposed in full. Call US a DVE we have never harmed anyone. But you guys on the other hand have openly killed by proxy and censorship of the truth.
you should be tried and hung. (SUNDAR AND SUSAN) you violated the Nuremberg code and informed consent for over 3 years now

you tube has been censoring and hiding our music and news for over three years now. Since the pandemic is now suddenly becoming a thing no one speaks of. YouTube has been covering its ass by reinstating videos they censored from the public due to a PHEIC. They followed the world health organization which lied and manipulated reports for china & daszak. As well as cover who paid for the studies and who has been tied to peter daszak / shi zengali the creators of covid 19 for over ten years you funded them! the US and China.

Youtube gets Fked in the A but china all day and have helped with dragonfly a search engine that policed its own citizens. helped round up those slaves. Google is one of the most evil vile and corrupt companies to ever exist and if they thought we were no one and said nothing of value they would not censor us and fear us like they do. Instead of giving a real reason they say its because safety but when they deiced what is safe they have now become your ruler. not a company focused on user biased content. you are not a moderator of free speech and expression and anything that has challenged that you have shut down censored and shut up. As you can see we do not go away we do not run we do not hide we have no need to be violent or make threats. This is the game we enjoy little by little exposing all of you so when history looks back on all of you they see the truth. If that means the cost of our own lives we are completely fine with this. Understand you are facing a group of people who want to die who have seen it up close in their hands. we died a long time ago and no fear or threat is going to stop us. we really love seeing how deep this all goes you feckless see you next Tuesday

Susan we can prove it you know it we know it and you are pathetic your fled Poland only to be what you fled from you filthy bag of air. “That’s coming from Poland ”

Americas front line dr’s VS health and human services This document was removed from all channels and suddenly reappears after everything we have said starts coming out. Gotta get the back up before the catch us again huh

just a few to start but we literally have the videos from before you started removing them without notifications then they suddenly show back up with no censorship. then the story that proves you have the VH score and how you all used it on users.

the worst of all is that you withheld information that ended up killing and harming people and now you want to act like you did everything to help. fuck you

as for the censorship of anything associated with the name not of man or our news and music you censor.

You just prove your scared of us

You are scared of the people knowing the truth of what all of you did. Our heads have a place for a hole if you think we are lying. We knew going into this world / job it is going to end in our deaths and we have no issue with that. You guys don’t get us and you never will. Everything we have done is for everyone else and history you will not escape it.

your children and families will be remembered like E. H. Harriman the robber barons and Ford Motors who was sued for building the tank engines for the Nazi’s, you don’t get to wipe away what you do. Coca Cola would drop cokes from plans wrapped in a wet towel and by the time it would reach a Nazi on the field it would be ice cold from the trip in the altitude. See we have the history of America you have hidden. Ask yourself why people dont keep a history of this stuff well because if you knew the truth you would never trust believe or listen to a word these new age nazis say!

Not of Man