Fox News covered for The Hunter Biden Laptop. First reported Oct 30 2020.

from Oct 30 2020

EX MTV Lisa Kennedy Montgomery is full of s* and we knew it in 2020 as you can see. yet she still gets to speak?
fox you claim your different ? In what way ?

Fox news is playing a game with all of you right now as if they never once played the same game as cnn msnbc and all the other frauds who lied and denied and said disinformation. So what do you call someone who does the exact thing they claim they never have ?

She really is a sad human and shame on you fox news for for the disinformation. Now only if the networks work tell you the truth about covid. Notice they hint at it all damn day but wont tell you the truth. They also shoved vaccines and propaganda to coerce you to take it so their big pharma profits could keep rolling in.

Looking at you Dr. Marc Siegel you would come on daily and say Pfizer this and Pfizer that. We wrote an article that was censored to you calling you out on this and Now you don’t mention it because you all are see the effects now and you wanna run as far away from the fraud you all pulled on America and the world with these gene therapies not vaccines.

We kept all of the footage, we are the watchers, we watch you all. You lie daily and when we pull your card you seem to try and censor more and more but it only helps us, so thank you to Google, Fox news, Cnn, MSNBC, abc, cbs, nbc, YouTube, yahoo, Bing. You have all now implicated yourselves the people will hold you accountable for part of the next Nuremberg code trials as you are just as at fault as the medical system and the government. Lets face it you’re not journalists your mocking birds and jokes all of you.

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