FDA Documents Show that Pfizer’s COVID 19 Shot has 1,291 Side Effects. Informed consent & Nuremberg code Violations

FDA Documents Show that Pfizer’s COVID 19 Shot has 1291 Side Effects. United States Government Did not Publicly Disclose Before Mandating Deadly Shots, Violation of Informed Consent and the Nuremberg Code Section 1

The Fraudulent documents
The Hidden Documents
Pfizer Ceo: Vaccine does not work against infection but get it anyways ?

Its time for those of you who have been lied to and defrauded out of informed consent its time to step up and sue the united states government and all connected to this as well as the media and fauci. They all endorsed, mandated and forced you to take these. Some people under duress but they would lose their jobs. Sue your job for the same things this is a world wide fraud on every living human and now you have all the evidence.

Below are the laws rules and regulations they must follow before giving you the Fraudulent FAQ sheet or touching you with a needle none of which have been done in two years. Thanks for harming and killing our family members you MURDERS. WE can prove that too

you can read how some died from the vaccine
Informed Consent

We just want to say for three years we have told all of you
Long Covid is permanent side effects from the vaccine and the virus created by The United States and China
They cannot blame one without exposing each other as no side wants the blame for any of this.

But In our Opinion its both countries fault esp when we have the receipts. check our pdfs


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