Fact Check: USA TODAY 100% Failure

You obviously forgot the law. that requires before you vaccinate you must give all that information for complete and full informed consent. You have just lied. It was left blank because it was under eua and bill gates himself stated ” proprietary information” since you refuse to report the truth to people we will show you how much of a fucking joke you all are.

you had a fact check done by facebook ! hahahahahah seriously here lets help with that one

Fact check that one

the next reason you should never be given any information from the internet and given a actual vaccine insert sheet is because over time they change and manipulate them to cover their asses. All news media outlets have run this type of bullshit game from fox to cnn and msnbc. wake up people you are being played for fools the damn pandemic is over in 2023 from their own white pages look up “spars” on our site search bar

oct 30 2020 why did he skip the side effects with all the things that you are reporting as covid side effects now ??????
the ingredients are poison caymen fraudulently changed the label
wait is this caymen chemicals saying it does contain posion
the videos they are lying about
The C.I.A Made up the term conspiracy theorist in order to discredit people who have information they do not want publicly known its right there in their own doc’s
Not of Man