Dr Death lies again. CDC shielding / US Army Resettlement documents

When we get back from vacation all of the things they have tried to hide will become public

So here he is shitting lies out of his mouth again.

How bad did his choices fuck up our kids and country don’t let us tell you read the damn documents yourself

Below are the document to show that the united states government does have concentration camps across the United states. So the first document shows how the government will manipulate society in its own view second document is the cdc internment camps documents and then the united states army resettlement documents in which you can see they have planned out a complete policed state since 2001
we have the other report which will be added as well. (Immigration camps seems like the most likely of places)

We also had someone give us an email from Hillary Clinton when she was in the state dept in which she is warning countries around the world of the Wuhan lab its a state cable document labeled secret in which she openly speaks about bio weapons being worked on with Australia. But no one has really said anything about this. once we confirm the authenticity of the document we will make it public. or just give out the cable label and you can research it yourself.

If we can find a state record of this document from other whistleblowers inside the gov or news sources we will leave it be. But as of this moment we have questions for Her because this paper looks to be real and factual. What did she know when did she know it and why was she warning other countries but no one ever warned americans

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