Double Tax for the Unvaxed!

Double Tax for the Unvaxed! Rhode island bill introduced by NAN Samuel Bell

NAN = New Age Nazi’s below all the videos and PDF info is the names and faces of the criminals who are doing this to all of you. Remember them and their faces when your child has a side effect and they will

Fda explaining kids are dropping dead in zoom classes because the vaccine.
14 mins of vaccine side effects

Double Tax for the Unvaxed! Road island bill introduced by NAN Samuel Bell. Dear Sam we can prove your a liar a fraud and uninformed on the science in less than 30 seconds on our site before you go down in history as a NAN and Nuremberg code violator we just wanted to make you aware we know you are lying and we know the real side effects and ingredients.

Take us to court lets expose it all for everyone to see . We wont waste our time posting all the documents you can find them yourself from the cdc fda and dod and including the president lying on national TV. It is not safe and we know this first hand as we have watched it kill off members of our teams families. We are Not frauds you sir are. you uneducated F ball.

Also we would like to add that they created this PDF at an 8 by 14 inch paper which means if you print it you will need to make adjustments to your printer settings. So we scanned the document to fit on standard printing paper for everyone nothing has been altered but the size of the document so you can print the complete criminal bill of punishment coercion and intimidation and force. by making you pay an illegal tax until everyone is vaccinated.
Sorry law says you cant do this.

(NOTE) this pdf directly below is the org pdf the size was made purposely to large for all the information to be printed on normal paper. So we resized an exact copy of the document to fit onto 4 plain printer pages so they could not remove the info as it would print the 4 pages but only 60 percent and it would not carry over to another page. So it was necessary in order for others to be able to print copies and give them out

if you notice the big wave in deaths that’s when the vaccine was mandated. as reported be aware this represents 1% of cases reported
Criminal child abuser
forcing anyone over 16 to get vaxxed or pay a tax that’s called force and coercion and abuse of a child
It’s actually scary how much your resemble an SS officer another prick who follows the red line
Tiara Mack NAN, Nuremberg Code and Informed
Consent Violator and child abuser
Johnathan Acosta NAN Child Abuser Nuremberg Code
and informed consent Violator
Kendra Anderson NAN, Nuremberg Code and Informed
Consent Violator and child abuser
James Seveney NAN, Nuremberg Code and Informed
Consent Violator and child abuser
Cynthia Mendes NAN, Nuremberg Code and Informed
Consent Violator and child abuser

Remember these faces and remember to sue them and criminally hold them liable for any injuries and disabilities that arise from this law of force vaccination under the guise of public health. If you would like to attack us and say because we hold you accountable and if you actions fit the behavior you are being called a truthful yet painful name.

We welcome you to call us racists and anything else you like as they do not affect us and we are not any of those things. If you would like to go to court we would welcome it as it would be the perfect opportunity to depose you and ask you questions about why you denied your state citizens informed consent. You lied didn’t tell the truth about all the risks and side effect and the actual dangers. In fact we welcome all of you to try to come at us because we are tired of your lied and manipulations we would love to expose all of you at once.

Not of Man