DHS, CISA & Facebook, Misinformation on Social media Documents.

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Department of Homeland Security CISA & Facebook, Misinformation on Social media Documents.
Disinformation is a broad word and they need to clearly define it. In the past the C.I.A created conspiracy theorist in order to discredit people who had real information they didn’t want released and so they could label them a name and people would discount the claim.

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Our first rule for all of you who use social media understand that if you use social media geared to a political figure you are just opening a door for them to watch you as you have labeled yourself the enemy of their cause. So people who use social media know you are spied on 24/7 and if you have the app on your phone they can follow you and know every aspect of your life and patterns

As we have stated before there is a unknown in the world of social media most of you have no idea its a study on the human condition and also a way to manipulate & see how you intake information.
With the rise of NAZI Sites like World truth Videos (we already have done a story on them, We do not support them and we flat out disagree with everything on their site as well as their views) They have a right to speak them under the constitution.

just like the west burrow baptist church would do those terrible things at soldiers funerals. (Hold up signs like thank god for dead soldiers, God Hates Fags) Even if we find those things to be disgusting and inhuman they are allowed to say it. Even the anti defimation leauge agrees with this.

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church’s right to protest at funerals, arguing that even hateful speech, when addressing matters of pubic import on public property, should be protected.

So why would we be talking about these groups if we do not support or believe in their cause.
because 1 we believe in free speech. Believe it or not Shirley Phelps-Roper was a civil rights lawyer.

We understand that there is a level of control they wish to have over the internet while trying to explain that free speech isn’t real but a concept given. If the information is true or not does it really does not matter the fact that they want to censor your opinion is the issue.

They want to silence others thoughts who do not fit into the small little prison with invisible walls they have made over the last 3 years. Below are DHS documents and Facebook internal documents showing that free speech is dead in America. The united states Government now see’s speech as criminal. Unless you are screaming fire in a building or that you are going to K*** someone you have the right to say what you want this is another fear and control measure they are trying to take to manipulate the population into control and behavior modification by enforcement

below is a man who lied under oath but nothing happened now that it has been proven the Russia gate was BS. He now works in what field ?????

Facebook documents and proof their fact checking is shit. We will expose the fact checkers another time

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