Covid 19, Vaccine Injuries, Deaths, and fraud in 2019 – 2022

Lies, Vaccine Injuries, Deaths, and fraud in 2019 – 2022
No deaths from the flu in 2020 to start this off

12-16-21 joe biden openly lyinge to the public. Scroll down to Project Salus report from the dod dated sept 28 2021 and see he is a fraud
real death records from the world health org and cdc
Screenshot 2022 03 23 at 14 08 09 COVID Vaccine Data
seems they never told you about these people
Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine has 1,219 side effects go to page 30 and see 9 full pages of side effects they have lied to you about
Pharmacist so stupid they just put themself into a lawsuit good job Zach the document is below

All news channels Government officials and medical companies have all violated the Nuremberg code sec 1 and denied your informed consent and broke laws to get you to take a very unsafe vaccine. That has killed and injured millions. Including two members of the not of man reporters families 1 had a heart attack the other was given stage 4 cancer directly after the Booster and has since passed. (Part of why we do what we do, we are first hand witnesses) (update 3-21-2022)

This story is 2 weeks old and is updated every day 3-3-2022 / 3-17-2-22
so lets test and see how long it is before they start telling you the truth or showing it

If they wanted to tell you the truth and show it to you why has not one news station run with these.

the answer is simple the news media is paid by big pharma and the government controls what can be reported
if they were to show you these stories would you have gotten vaccinated probably not.

So the news lied so they could keep they profits from pharma but then said it should be your choice its safe and effective and so on. Does any of this look like what they have said for two years or reported ?

Every station said it was safe and effective and we can prove they lied, and it is not which is why the CDC will not release the data in full. How do you misinterpret data that shows you killed more than you saved

we are getting reports that some videos are not showing up. We cannot confirm their is censorship. But you would only expect it . If the Videos don’t load right click and open in new window and you will be able to watch them

14 mins strait of CDC Fraud: Lies, Vaccine Injuries, Deaths, and Hidden studies in 2022
The Side effects skipped in the webinar from Steve Anderson Oct 30 2020 wait that’s before the authorization or I’m sorry they lied about that. THE EUA extension

A few questions for these conflicts of interest as well

pfizer 2
Scott Gottlieb fraud
pfizer 1
Hmmmm He wouldn’t be profiting from the reporting would he ?
moderna 1
No conflicts here.

The Full List of Side Effects Below

Ron Johnson Explains No Vaccine is FDA Authorized only EUA extended
Marion Gruber, director of the FDA’s Office of Vaccines Research & Review, and deputy director Phil Krause are set to leave the agency this fall, with sources telling Politico that the two officials were at odds with the FDA’s top vaccine official, Peter Marks, and were discontented over the roles of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices in decisions that they believed should be handled by the FDA.
The Vaccine is murdering you
The Vaccine is murdering your kids
Vaccine Injury Hearing with Maddie DeGary Who Pfizer defrauded and injured part of her lawsuit is below

Have you heard of the lawsuit to stop all Covid vaccines due to medical injuries NO! well let us give that to you as well since everyone else seems to be full of S*….. So Doctor’s and nurses are suing health and human services as well ?

O yeah they are did you know, they have also censored, sued and lied about them if they did not fall in line with the narrative. This is why no one is getting information. It’s all been hidden away and lied about so you fall in line. Get that shot and save that person next to you.

1 shot 2 shot 3 shot expect 4 on Feb 24 2022 cdc started recommending that 4 shots is fully vaccinated. This is not going to end Notice your vaccine card has 4 or more slots for vaccine boosters since day 1
Screenshot 2022 03 04 at 09 05 13 vax card at DuckDuckGo
Miscarriages up 300% Cancer Neurological up by 1000% Sounds safe to us the paper he is speaking of is directly below this video

Before you decide to step up and attack us understand that only makes us stronger as it shows your weakness. We are exposing you over the fact you are murdering and harming people in their daily lives and you have done it all under a lie of protecting the people. We do not fear we do not forgive and we do not forget. All of your names will be known and you will be forever known as the new age nazi’s

This is what the page should look like

we have 1000’s of documents that will be uploaded from the vaccine ingredients to the side effect sheets of the ingredients and the fact that caymen chemicals ran a fraud of the ingredient sm-102

proof of the complete fraud done by Osha and Cayment chemicals
Screenshot 2022 03 04 at 12 31 49 CDC Are Lying and Killing You and Your Children Not Of Man 1
Not of Man