Covid 19 Vaccine Side Effects Hidden by FDA

This is enough to prove they have lied to you your family and broken the Nuremberg code and informed consent laws. All are criminally liable.

Did you get a vaccine insert or a Vaccine FAQ Sheet do you know the difference ? well let us show you

No Vaccine is FDA Approved only FDA EUA AUTHORIZED Proof below

if you would like to see the side effects in action we have a whole section for that

Senator Ron Johnson Super Defender Of the Vaccine Injured

This is a FAQ SHEET

from April 2021 page 1
April 2021 page 2

if you did not receive a document like above and only the FAQ they have violated your informed consent and the Nuremberg code. You have the right so sue them into the ground as informed consent is the basis for all ethical treatment and law.

To prove you have not recived or been told the truth of anything about this vaccine lets show you the FDA list of side effects not the fact sheet or the ones they lie about in the inserts.

Lets take a look at the ones you were never meant to see look at page 16 we even have video of the presenter Steve Anderson Skipping the side effects in his webinar all side effects were known before Oct 30 2020

The Nuremberg Code of 1947

Why would this be important ?

  1. You are to be made known the risks and benefits
  2. you are supposed to have access to the studies and placebo studies. Pfizer gamed the trials which is openly stated by the CDC and FDA .
  3. Kaiser and Pfizer are still running safety and effectiveness studies now when they stated they have been finished and they are safe and effective.
for every 1 saved we kill 2 people and for 150,000 for every million vaccinated
Over rides 16 against authorization 2 for authorization. She is money making with this
A call from June 21 asking for informed consent and being denied for 8 + months from Kaiser Permanente.
Because i kept asking for informed consent and explained I have made an effort for over 8 months they locked me out of my medical account and told me it was over fraud lol. As you can clearly see no fraud on my end. We don’t lie because we don’t care what you think of us
After I showed up asking for the vaccine inserts and they admit to not having them they called the police Sept 13 2021 and had me escorted out by police. They lied about me, threatened, and locked me out of my account so i couldn’t reach my Dr who helps with very serious medical issue I have
This is called coercion and is a violation of the Nuremberg code sec 1 as well

What they don’t tell you is they knew that making a vaccine for any SARS COV virus would have detrimental effects on humans in this 2012 study from University of Texas shows it clearly. read the conclusion for a quick answer

Here at Not of Man We are not looking to change your political
view or way of life. We are simply trying to give you more
information than the media is willing to offer.

As Fox News, Cnn, MSNBC, are paid by corporate interests and
big pharma. If you step on the toes of the people who pay the
bills you can no longer pay your own.
So you cannot trust any news channel.

We do not ask that you trust us.

Our information comes from whistleblowers, Intel community
, Doctors, the U.S Government , and you

To the injured who have been censored and forgotten you are
not alone.

Not of Man has had 2 Family members injured by the vaccine
1 had a heart attack the other got a booster shot and
suddenly has stage 4 cancer in 5 organ’s. Caused by their
LNP’s (Lipid Nano Particles) which was censored
it will be rewritten and re posted

We do not discriminate we educate.
We love all, and want everyone to live life without fear and a
better understanding of the world around you.
no strings or political affiliation, we are not paid to report.
we do this out of concern and love.

  • Not of Man

    Nothing on our site costs a thing all the #Covid-19 studies trials and vaccine inserts, along with many studies that have remained hidden from public view are all free for education and research purposes

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