Corn Pop was a Bad dude!

Thats right the corn pop was a bad dude speech with laugh track and all

the funniest beyond racist speech he gives to a pool he used to work at. As he speaks look around at the reactions to some of the things he says, and listen to the utter unawareness as he speaks. In many ways he can only say i learned and nothing more.

Besides talk about race and violence. That typical Joe though. Thanks to The Government for the active censorship through Nov 8 for the election time you sure don’t want anyone to see your all full of shit now do you. That also explains the thousands of hundreds of listeners that keeps dropping off in a matter of days on spotify.

Our songs literally exposes them all as frauds so let us play it for you free here

Enjoy the censored lyrics from youtube.
The Gavin Newsom Song
The Joe Biden and democrats are complete fucking liars song.

We have no idea why they censored us maybe because they have no way to explain why they have said the bullshit you hear in our music.

Not of Man