Cold War 2 has Started Thanks to Biden

It’s Time to Wake Up

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After watching this, please think for a moment and realize how many of these have already happened
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But the US in broke and Biden keeps spending your kids futures out the window
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We want to start with the fact The Governments are using Russia and Ukraine as a distraction from the damage they have done with Covid and their forced injections (Nuremberg code violation, But more on that later)

The Only ones who profit from war are weapons manufacturers, People who invest in metals, guns, and ammo, bio-weapons, (which is a war crime)the military industrial complex, and political leaders It gives power to manipulate and control through fear.

Now didn’t we just get hit with the biggest bio weapon in the last 100 years and it has been proven to have been created in the wuhan lab by daszak and fauci with shi zen gali (China). So the United States and China are also implicated in war crimes as well as Russia. Notice the lil scratchy voiced mouse has been missing the last few weeks.

Eco health alliance grants from 2014 – 2019 ! wait you think they would end but no they are still funding Daszak in 2022. Anyways the point was to show the hypocrisy of the news media they claim one thing while they helped do the other to all of us as well.

Back to the story

Watch the room as he questions her. when she answers they are all looking at her as if she is a joke which she is. Circle back.

This is the exact same thing they did with Covid and fear they will now do with this new cold war Joe Biden started. Bio weapons nukes a bombs whatever they will toss it out to keep you watching and in fear to be easily controlled

The day that Joe Biden green lit the Ukraine invasion. We believe he is at fault for all of this and its hard to deny he isnt

As you can see life is literally a circle, nothing is new and it’s all a play. These manipulators are called mocking birds. All they do is repeat what they are told to say. Understand the news is paid for by large medical corporations and run by the CIA.

Here is the Frank Church Hearing where they get exposed as manipulating media

Find the entire hearing its so interesting they even pull out a gun that can shoot you and cause a heart attack later.
The script is real in this one I would advise head phones the repetition is painful
Just a few of the C.I.A Employees in media

We wish for world peace but when all the world leaders and their stupidity is what has lead all of us in this circle you need to start looking at yourself and ask why do you keep electing these fools who have no issue sending your child on a battlefield. Most Americans have no clue what violence looks like or experienced it.

So, we will give you an experience, as you are walking next to a family, a father & daughter excited about their day and life just going about life without a hesitation even though they have been stuck in a war zone called Afghanistan. Suddenly you hear the crack of air a quick buzz and the little girl falls over and the entire top of her head is now missing. It looks like someone just started a pumpkin on Halloween except you see red grey and white chucks. Next to her father’s feet is her literal brain. She has now passed and is just a shell. The father is screaming and holding her like when you put your child to sleep and he is screaming OH MY GOD! Her eyes are looking up in the back of her head. Suddenly she takes a huge breath eyes roll forward and she looks at her dad for a split second it felt like nothing was real. He screams in a weird sound of pain and happiness, Unsure of what is happening. Then she falls back in his arms and is lost to the infinite forever.

This moment was actually caught on film and haunts one of our writers in their life’s daily lives

That’s the face of war and what your child will see.
If we could post the video we would as the only way to truly understand something is to experience it. We also have never understood why America never thinks war could come to their front door and bombs or war starts in the streets. They do not have the ability to stop that.

Don’t listen to the propaganda. War is not good; War does not save life it ends it. some them buying gasoline is not a way to stick it to Putin.

This inflation was created by our leaders. they closed down all your mom and pop shops, they took your job, they took your home, and left you homeless, and lied to you. They printed endless money that would cost your children millions in taxes. Joe Biden started war by using words he couldn’t back up.

They told you it’s just 14 days to slow the spread it was for your safety.

Lockdowns are unconstitutional

They tell you that you can’t see the actual studies because you may misinterpret information or is it they don’t want you to see they lied to you and manipulated the truth in order to achieve an end goal and its backfiring on them now and they have no clue how to fix this. bowing out of mandates and forced vaccines won’t save any of you from the Nuremberg code violations and lies you told to inject most of America.

Whats in the vaccine and the fraud Caymen Chemicals ran to cover their asses

You never told them about the long term side effect and you only gave them all FAQ sheets. Told them they would lose their jobs if they didn’t get a jab. I hope everyone who reads this knows that your rights were violated all over the world with vaccine mandates and the threats of violence it is a complete violation of the Nuremberg code as they never had the vaccine inserts in the lots and they lied on the FAQ sheets about what the real side effects are proof of all of this in the videos below.

It’s time for each person who was forced to get a jab against their will. who was not supplied with the appropriate documents for testing on humans, and denied each of you informed consent. Step up and sue your job’s & Gov for illegally forcing you to be injected with something against your will.

Turn off your TV its poison its not giving you truth its giving you fear and lies in order to achieve a goal Wake up world PLEASE



moderna 1
pfizer 2
pfizer 1
This is informed consent

100% proof informed consent has been denied by medical providers

This is a complete violation of the Nuremberg code section 1
kaiser files20211017 10204618
This is not informed consent from April 2021
Kaiser files20210906 14435190
Kaiser is also doing safety and effectiveness tests on their patients without their knowledge

This is the vaccine insert that you should have received when you got the jab. If you didn’t get one of these they violated your civil / human rights and violated the Nuremberg code

Here is the webinar showing Steve Anderson skipping over the side effects
300% increase in miscarriages 1000% increase in Neurological Damage and Cancer just a few side effect
Pharmacist realizes they have been violating Informed consent and the Nuremberg Code blank Insert 1
Blank Vaccine insert 2
Their own studies are gamed and fraudulent the Fda open has stated this openly the study also show that the vaccine sheds another lie they told
150,000 Dead for every million vaccinated FDA VIDEO
Child dead and side effect from the Covid vaccine FDA VIDEO
remember when you said one shot worked…. then 2, now three, Feb 24 2022 you made the booster 4
Just a few vaccine side effects on video
This is the type of person who has manipulated all of you LENA WEN 2019 -2022 listen to her words that’s not a doctor that’s a dictator
Not of Man