CNN, Ted Turner, & Bill Gates Depopulation Videos, Georgia Guide stones Bombing on 7/06/2022

listen to the CNN own open speak on depopulating the earth and how children and kids should not be born because it would inconvenience the rich f holes who look down from their towers and and piss on the world daily. so bill gates has spoke of depopulation, ted turner of CNN as well when will you wake up and see these people are your enemy and have no interest in helping you .

Ted Turner Depopulation Video

he help build these and they called them a historical monument…… lol. You make it look like old biblical tablets put something that sounds godly on it. a positive and then a negative have the negative negate the positive and instill fear. so when people find it they think they found something holy or an old set of rules to follow. when this Fkr helped pay for them.

well the tablets are all well and good till they speak the same way this f hole does about the population and how to control it.

error in the text its 4:03:33 am Video is ten seconds long

when blm stormed the streets in violence and riots you let it happen to create the fear. but when people stand against the tyrannical rule of people who openly speak of killing us.Iit seems they lose understanding lol. This hopefully exposes in a small part the truth of the people who run these networks.

MSNBC stands for Microsoft GE nbc and who was all over msnbc talking about his wonder vaccine for covid 19 Bill and Melinda Fkn Gates who told Doland Trump not to look into vaccine saftey Bill Fkn Gates

Starting to see the picture now.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Population Control

we will also be linking to some under cover reports exposing how CNN has helped manipulate and shape society since the election of Biden and how their reporting has push violence and fear on the population for control CNN ( CIA NEWS NETWORK ) we will show you all news channel lie and are frauds but we will start with the worst of all the propaganda machine run

if you do not believe us google CIA employees of CNN and get a a quick idea

Q. Do you have anyone paid by the CIA who are working for television networks ?
A. Sir we think this would best be discussed in closed session…
Quick answer yes we do any they are on every network.
you should see the heart attack gun!

The Heart Attack dart gun

we have created a page so that this will connect to all news networks as a full story to show how they lie and manipulate the public and do so because they are told to. full page

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