Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Hunter Biden, Child Abusers.

FUCK YOU JOE JILL AND HUNTER Are nothing more than child abusing piles of shit

growing up in a place where no one wants to claim you as part their.
Factually you are family when you are a direct descendant of hunter Biden.
Hunters drug fueled fuck ups do not permit him an excuse or a pardon on taking responsibility
and admitting that a child born from a adult dancer that you took home fucked Left and then she became pregnant and the DNA tests states you are the father.

Well fuck me by law that child is now your family. While Jill wrote a book dedicated to the “6 grandchildren” and left out the seventh.

Joe the proud grandfather the man of the people who loves everyone even the six grandchildren he speak on publicly while denying a child because his son is a fuck up.

they have gone as far to not allow her to use the Biden name. because she could make money off it like hunter has Jim Biden has so what would the issue be with this little girl who is factually a Biden being able to use her fucking name..

hunter does not pay child support instead they get some of hunters BLOW paintings that should be worth about as much as a hooker with herpes( any fathers got questions on that one would you like to give your ex gf or wife a painting or maybe t shirts same value ) The below picture shows two optical illusions as they do look like peoples faces but in fact its really just a pic of dog shit

This is abuse at the highest level being done by the first family in the white house.
Does this sound like a respectable family or group of people when they openly deny and abuse a child because they are ashamed of their sons actions ?
If you have read the Ashley Biden diary you will see a history of sexual abuse and drugs

if you see how the first family acts while in public and then behind closed doors you come to see that they are not nice people in fact they are out right despicable and disgusting.

This will without a doubt fuck this child up beyond words
hunter biden, joe biden, jill biden, your son is a fuck up and you are being abusive
I hope that people can see through your TV face and now see those fake moments on tv with the touching and kisses and really see how vile and evil you are to others
the way you are able people and treat them when the doors are closed.

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