California Congress is loaded with Morons

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Page started Oct 5th 2022 Updated 2/14/2023

This was sent to us, so we thought it would be fun to go through it and show you. How much they are all full of shit. Ca Congress is a living joke.

As a top not for any of our readers fuck gavin newsom that human pile of shit we hope California wakes the fuck up a gets rid of that nazi shit bag who has enjoyed his life while you all suffered

Even the police told him to shove it
And California’s newest stupidity in action human composting. Where they turn you into goo and toss you into a garden….. The Long term health effects study from eating liquefied human remains has yet to be found if someone can please send it our way we would be so grateful.
As of now the side effect of eating human mean is you have a strange smell that comes from your pours and you get a similar disease to mad cow which is caused by cows eating cows??? OK we really would love to read that study guys why isnt that around.

The article below proves we were correct again…. How hard is it to predict this. it wasn’t because the idea is to create the crisis then save you from it so you keep voting for them. We had always warned of them using desalinization plants to get drinking water. This means you are taking the ocean water and using it up now. That removes the water for the water life and you end up killing their ecosystem and then you have another cause and reason to say global warming when in fact your stealing it to drink it (ATWA)

And as you can see this man is clueless and creates his own issues

Not of Man