As The Election Nears Watch the censorship of not of man on all platforms.

When Elections start to show their heads for some reason Not of Man The band becomes censored throttled and almost invisible. We take screen shots for them daily on all services and keep daily records. We Will show you exactly the same thing they did last year happening again.

The issue simply put is not of man’s music contains man things that the government has an issue with you being aware of.

We never stopped watching and when the elections draw close then numbers go down and when the election if over the numbers go back up.
All can be proved and will be on this page.

As an example
would they want you to hear joe biden talking about building a wall to keep drug dealing Mexicans out of America (His words)

This song was called build the wall of shame feat joe biden – the distributor stated you are not allowed to use joe bidens name. again censorship. They could use his name because he is the feat singer on this track

This song is called all d3m tr3ts and Leyes it shows that the claims joe biden has made about republicans and threats of violence are lies and it was the democratic party threatening trump supporters (No one on this site do not supports any political figure we point out the hypocrisy using their own words

if you would like to see more educational tracks that have been censored by all platforms they are all put into a small ep free by not of man. it can be downloaded here

today will be the start of us showing you the views and listeners vanishing.
spotify, youtube music, and apple play

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