Another step in power and control: Water Restrictions in California.

Dear Damon Ayala lick our fucking slits and dicks you useless idiot. This is a turncoat

We have never seen someone who we have outright found to be a terrible human in just a matter of second. we give everyone a chance but this is a small form of mental terrorism to leave you thinking no matter what you are watched, don’t mess up or you will get a ticket. or your water shut down. They will come to your door for water at some point this man is a Nazi without a arm band. rip their tickets up and tell him to get the fuck off your property

The man in this photo his human shit.
he deserves no respect
he deserves no time
a mandate is not a law and therefore
fuck your tickets and your water control.
what do you think will happen when you turn off the water on people.
You are so beyond fucked in the end.
Your face is in this picture and now they know who to keep an eye our for

People need it to live and you want to restrict it.
They are going to start treating water as oil and a limited resource
Hollywood is rocking watered mansions
Gavin Newsom is watering his winery all day
pelosi as well

This may seem like a small thing in the picture.
but psychologically this is a man walking around stalking homes
turning around and labeling you some how a water user lol
This is the most pathetic job we have seen.

Los Angeles water and power fuck you and your thought control measure. Notice this is another fear that mandate that means we will pay you a fucking red cent. or anyone for that matter
wake up government you have zero rights to remove a human rights over what you call an emergency or safety issues dumb fucks

This is a world economic form tool above is being used to control and manipulate you into losing your freedoms willingly say no to these people. civil disobedience is now the only option.

They have broken the social code.

Not of Man