News Media Frauds ?

(CNN FOX BBC (MSNBC = Microsoft Bill Gates) ABC NBC CBS)

listen to the CNN owner openly speak on depopulating the earth and how your children should not be born because it would inconvenience the rich f holes who look down from their towers and and piss on the world daily.

So bill gates has spoke of depopulation, ted turner of CNN as well when will you wake up and see these people are your enemy and have no interest in helping you .

this man is one of the funder of the Georgia guide stones. Which state openly that depopulation is needed and below is the video of him openly saying all of it.

“Your Children should not be born and we should depopulate in order to save the world” as we will make the planet HOTTER ?????? NOT COLDER. LOL see after all these years of lying we can show the years of global fear mongering of global heating and cooling for the next generation so you can not longer write the history you want in order to get the world you seek. the truth is you all have told everyone publicly what you goals are and we can show them coming out of your own mouths. History belongs to the people not the government

we will also be linking to some under cover reports exposing how CNN has helped manipulate and shape society since the election of Biden and how their reporting has push violence and fear on the population for control CNN ( CIA NEWS NETWORK ) we will show you all news channel lie and are frauds but we will start with the worst of all the propaganda machines run

the below videos are from
used with permission by James o’keef ( shared by proxy )
Thank you beyond words for all your work James you truly are Americas journalist

the global warming agenda will be pushed and funny as F it sure as hell is isnt it right now

we don’t want to put words in his mouth so we will let him speak for himself 3
Cnn Helpig Black Lives Matter and creating racial division within the us
wait CNN admitting to being a propaganda machine LOL this cant be real but it is
why was he not arrested for this
a peaceful protest by the way cnn censored him saying peaceful out pretty pathetic and don how the American way way started LOL by burning down everything . it seems like they listened to exactly what don said the day before the Breonna Taylor verdict

Was was done in song because YouTube would ban any reports exposing the BS
(Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for population control Find the lie please)
Q. Do you have anyone paid by the CIA who are working for television networks ?
A. Sir we think this would best be discussed in closed session…
Quick answer yes we do any they are on every network.
you should see the heart attack gun!
C.I.A Poison heart attack gun frank church hearings

helping black lives matter
as well as lying and pushing the global warming scam and admitting it

we want people to remember the three years of fear and fraud, we want to document everything so you will never be able to lie about what you do ever again.

( A quick letter to Brian You fat pathetic excuse for a reporter you look like a idiot trying to play innocent look up “Steven Anderson FDA CBER OCT 30 2020” or better yet let us link it for you and see all the vaccine side effect you never reported on what about the lawsuit in which Pfizer had to give its documents to show almost 2000 side effects connected to this very document (last 9 pages)

In case you dont want to click a link you dont know here is the pdf from the above link

Because of the girl vaccine injured in this video while you claim it false.

hearing for the vaccine injured

how is that possible when the damn side effects are on this very page from the FDA
these are news stories and important ones at that could you explain why you never reported these )
don’t tell us because the memo said not to say anything. explain it This goes for all reporters and news channels we will be exposing all of you have fun.

we know what the network did and we have all of it and we will be posting

if you do not believe us google CIA employees of CNN and get a a quick idea

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