YouTube Exposed : Chapter 1: Censorship of Music, News reporters. Data Manipulation, Theft, and Fraud. 10 days and 625 plays removed by YouTube. Plays no longer updating on videos evidence provided

We ask our listeners to send in any for of data manipulation as our fans have always been rather loyal.
They document and send in screen shots and videos of the alterations and manipulations.
The the moment they have removed views from lyrics videos for release my demonz and for cia network news pizdit and wake up

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Turn on the lyrics to see the entire song has been censored lyrics changed and quotes changed by jen psaki made to fit the narritive thank you to pogo
100% proof from the google whistleblower how they have been censoring our website music and reporters.
put the lyrics on and see if they actually will tell you the very clear lyics. they have worked to removed all the lyrics from our music so we have had to take steps for people to get them even after we have fans uploading them to lyric genius

exactly the same issue with this video
put captions on to see they have censored our lyrics again this is another video they have removed views and censored from public consumption
Notice we are a band that contains covid 19 warnings which means the united states government monitors our music and news

The below link is documented evidence of removal of songs plays views and subs. We have been openly attacked by big tech for years now and it will not stop us then or now.

we will upload videos of fans playing these songs and then proof that the remove the view so that the song cannot be heard as the less interaction with a track the more it is share by their ai ml fairness

Not of Man