YouTube, spotify, soundcloud, Amazon & Big Tech’s Censorship Attacks Against Not of Man

We released the track all d3m tr3ts N Leyes and we knew that since we did it right before the election to expose this lies Biden and the Dems kept claiming we showed that it was actually them doing the violence and the threats. We knew at this point the censorship would start to become heavy and started having people watch all of our systems to monitor when things became invisible well as an example we did it with spotify we went from 2.1 k listeners to less than 100. This is in fact criminal and a violation of section 230 also the constitution and freedom of speech and the press. The rest is all documented videos and screen recordings of the things they did in the background and would be boring to see.

YouTube, Spotify, sound cloud, Amazon, Apple & Big Tech’s Fraud / Censorship Attacks Against Not of Man

The blacking out of tracks are done to songs they deem unfit for consumption or the artist has removed the track none of not of mans music has ever been taken off any streaming service or store. This shows us that things are in the works in the background. We may be censored entirely if that is the case all music will be made free on the website for free download. None of this was ever done for profit so we get they do not understand any of the work done at not of man
(the more you do this the more you play into our hand)

but its fun to watch them try and mess with everything.

this photo is from 4-12-2023

Thank you to a listener who sent in the video and playlist 2.1 k listeners and in 3 months it went to 125 listeners the reason for the drop we believe is the track All Dem Trets and Leyes it was released just before the 2022 election. They did not want you to hear the democrats threatening everyone. while joe biden tried to claim it was the trump people the track is below

as you watch the video notice: “The title” what most people do not know is the file is read as it is uploaded and censored now if it is deemed not fit for public consumption as an example we uploaded a file they knew they would not allow and then it fails to upload but if you change the name of the same file it uploads just fine.

search engine censorship below:
video shows no search engine will show the band and the website without understanding how search engines work

Amazon says we do not exist Video taken 4-20-23

songcastmuisc changes our meta data and album titles song titles and censors our art work. below is a view from 4-3-23

Songcastmusic changed the record label then added links to a none existent not of man band pay attention to divisionary illuminated released in 2014 the above video shows that the information was input correct and yet it was changed to a non existent label and the artist tags art manipulated to stop you from finding not of man

As we update the menu with the story of not of mans family being killed it shuts down and gives us a security warning.

A listener sent us their video of them playing our song all the way through two days in a row to see if the views would change as our insiders have explained they will not. As you can clearly see they removing views plays and censoring Not of Mans music.

4-5-2023 Spotify censorship of not of man

the plays to these videos and songs never change go try it yourself


Keeps these numbers in mind when you see YouTube and sound cloud. a decade old band cannot be found online and when you type in the name it has no auto finished which the google whistleblower explains because you are not suppose to see or hear this information as they deem it conspiracy theories…..? We can back everything Not sings about with government documents on the site.
our favorite thing about the sound cloud video is that it shows you a 9 year old album with 0 plays

Soundcloud censorship

Before we start we can show an example of how they have done this before

they change the likes dislikes on the white houses videos

1.first is the most recent picture of the track

2. is a fan who sent in video showing the full video played through 2 different times and days and how the play never change.

3. this goes along with our other story where in 10 days youtube removed 625 views from Not of Mans music.


This should be at 30 or more by now….. we waited a few days to release this for this very reason the number isn’t the point its the shaving off little over the years and months end up with NOM’s money being stolen from their pockets of course does absolutely nothing when notified but the irs will want their money

Below is documented proof of the fraud still going on since the 2019 onset of COVID and due to our level of access to information they have attacked Not of Man endlessly by removing views subs and likes.
Sound cloud has done this (they are in ties with YouTube) Most big tech has done this to us just try and do what you see in the first video and understand its us today and its you tomorrow

Not of Man