Music & Art censorship by Mike wright of, YouTube & Soundcloud.

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Story started 8/17/2022 Updated 9/20/2022

We would like to make it known at this point in our partnership. We are speaking terms, we have had emails back and fourth things seem to be going in a much better direction when they are working with the team and communication can be made.

In fact they helped NOM with an issue for a family members song and made sure everything was in order for them. We reached out expecting to get no response like we had been and instead they helped as best they could. We saw this as their gesture of good will

Though no answers responses or explanation for anything in this article.
we have had to be the better ones and let pride not get in the way of the goal.
learn to work with them in a different way.

but now they want to play more games.
after they censored us 3 different times with no explanation for why.
we had to trouble shoot how to release the song and we ended up paying for the same track to be released three times and we had to change the song title we change to change the art work and we had to change the name of the song. ( censorship ) it went from build back better / the great reset to
Wake up (please) which should never have had to be done as that name is 100% legal to use

We had to pay for each release as they would not communicate with us.
about any of this. The simple reason is they could not put on paper they had censored us.
Constitutional and legal issues. when we would email them they would just ignore us and so we became angry. their job is to distribute not censor or change our work. how were we to understand the issues or fix them if they just ignore us. Well if they said anything it would prove they were censoring the track.
so they had to ignore it.

So we start off fresh with hopes looking like ok we have finally been able to get our work done unimpeded since all of this and we dropped their censorship and kissed their asses to play nice.

Then we get these messages that YouTube is not carrying our new albums and singles for some reason it only had the track Dem Trets N Leyes. So we send them a message and ask. You can see at first the are willing to help and Dot openly acknowledges that the music isn’t there on YouTube and they don’t know why. when we finally were on speaking terms

they instead of refunding the money for the tracks gave us credit and told us to change it in the album section to just overwrite the old albums they censored this seemed very odd to us. So we documented everything before we uploaded the new tracks. Once that was done and there looked as if there was no record of the censorship we

then get a sudden the email tone changes ( seems more angry and scared and they give us an ultimatum) we are sent what you would call a veiled threat. about how we have slandered them for everything we stated above which they factually did and all the records are below. including the video proof of what they said is a conspiracy theory. Here are the email exchanges and the sudden flip in mood.

right there she acknowledges they are not up and she has no idea why
Like we said we are willing to work with them


Also please take note we forgave them for censoring music that was about how our family was killed by the vaccines. and trying to give you that information we forgave them for lying and avoiding speaking to us. we forgave them and tried to work with them. After all they have done to us they turn around and try and start a fight. we will no longer fight with you we will just show everyone what you do.

The so called conspiracy theories are in the video right below this. As of now we have no reply from them. but the bottom two lines seems and sound like a threat as those things they should have been doing from the start and if we don’t remove the story are they going to no longer do that ?????

Video evidence 1 Songcast called a conspiracy theory

This Video was taken as you can see the day of this posting and you will clearly see we are censored and hidden from the public unless you know how to find us. You can see even typing it without a space will not allow us to be seen it must be not of man – topic

Here is video 2 from a couple months back. when NoM’s C.I.A News Network came out another video that song cast music labels a conspiracy

That many albums and you couldn’t find one by typing in our band name in the YouTube search bar ?????? That’s odd

Sound Cloud Has also censored us. learning they work with the same people YouTube did we realized this may be bigger than we first though. So we asked our listeners on sound cloud if they had been getting up updates for our new music and albums and to our not surprise what do you think they all said. This….. same thing

soundcloud censorship
soundcloud listener letting us know they get no updates or messages about any new tracks released. this person has listened since the first album and has been a loyal fan for years. Letting us know he has not gotten anything about our music.

All things we have been told that are conspiracies are right there in front you of all of you to see.

Vibrate cover
This was the cover for the song Vibrate and they censored it and so we had to change all the information to something that had no educational value so instead we took the song and made it about the censorship of our music.

So the Cover ended up being changed because they would not allow art and education to mix. This was the final cover and our hope was that the point we were making was this is what is just literally happened.

Despo cover 000036
The was the end song and the result was us pointing out exactly what was happening with out music. We were not being allowed to educate and try to help you after our personal experiences with losing family to the vaccine. this is three years of documentation from the government the FDA and CDC including naiad and the NIH Eco health alliance and more. there is more educational information in the resources if your family was or is injured in our menu you are not alone and you have not been forgotten

End Of update 9/20/2022

Screenshot 2022 08 19 at 22 18 06 SongCast Support
No fix no responce.
Screenshot 2022 08 20 at 09 58 07 SongCast Support
us kissing the ass of the very people who censored us so we could get back to work.

100% censored by music

Song Censored By Build Back Better / The Great reset (feat Peter Dazak, Joe Biden, Obama, Jacinda Ardern, Hillary clinton, jen psaki, bill gates, Klous schawb. We literally had to figure out how to release this song with them not responding to what the issues are.

we found after paying multiple times for the same song to be releases the only way they would allow the song to release in stores was if we removed the audio clips of Daszak and the song title which was allowed by law as well and it is exactly what the song is about.

All the audio clips and Daszak explain how to make coronaviruses in full are below. Nothing was out of context

Peter Daszak explains how to create coronavirus’s the middle man for fauci and wuhan
boom government audio allowed to be used under fair use

It’s criminal to censor art and music.

SongCast My Account All albums released 2 0000
SongCast My Account All albums released 2 0001
SongCast My Account All albums released 2 0002
SongCast My Account All albums released 2 0003
SongCast My Account All albums released 2 0004
SongCast My Account All albums released 2 0005
All releases so far. You can clearly see exactly what we have stated
censored 3
this is over the tenth email we also changed the song and added effects that go with the title of the new album and they blocked both tracks so that’s two songs almost the same. both censored and both were paid for and the money kept we had to replace the tracks with new ones.

The reason they don’t respond or answer is it would put on paper he is censoring us and so he ignores it and that’s just another form of censorship just ignore till they go away.

We (Notofman Team) then made the gesture of good will after all the censorship & lack of responses.

-within this time we did get help with another side project of not of man’s which they were happy to help with. But not answer respond or even comment on the censorship-

We stepped out to make amends and try to get communication back up and running so we could get back to work and stop all these stupid games

and when we replaced the tracks they censored
they emailed not of mans team telling them they are slandering them.
Asking them or the team (US) to take down the story
as if the evidence vanished.

Video proof of YouTube shadow and throttling our music

The Distributor Channel hidden and censored by youtube

try typing in not of man in the YouTube search bar ( Like In the Above Video) we bet you will Find the Growlers, Mos Def, and Big Shaq. which is strange because, word for word that is our band name.
So why would this not pop up unless you are actively being censored.

Screenshot 2022 08 08 at 10 45 10 Not of Man Topic
” Not of Man – Topic “
Radio promotion of songs we never asked for.

We then tried to get radio promotion and they refused to use any of the songs we released and told them to use we asked them too if the promo would be us choosing our tracks and their answer was yes.
We wanted C.I.A Network News And The Great Reset / Build back better instead we got this

even though they stated that we choose each song they would play. what we got back was nothing we paid for. Not only that, but they used the song vibrate in which they censored the cover (ABOVE) and refunded the money.

they used a song they had no permissions or rights to use (Vibrate) with they censored the art work and refund. When we made it known the songs were incorrect and they used one they had no right and a second that was years old we asked them why would we want to promote years old music. No one see’s commercials for a car made in 1985 anymore do they ?

You will clearly see they used vibrate a track they did not have permissions nor rights to used as it was censored and refunded and then used a track that’s well over 2 years old.

anyone else know a product maker or musician or movie studio that wants to promote last years movie album or product the simple answer is no. This was an attempt to censor the album and appease us so they could keep they money. Once it was made known this was not the product they advertised or we paid for they instead of rerecording refunded the money. Which is fine. If they had been more open with us as to why they did what they did we would tried to worked with them.

On to the complete and total censorship of information in our art by our music distributor.
all the listed documents are below this censored art work. To prove everything stated is true

Vibrate cover
search each pdf and find the lie for yourself. album cover was censored from public by mike wright of song cast music unconstitutional and illegal
He literally tells you how to make a coronavirus
song cast censor
song castjpg Page1
8 13 2022
8 13 2022 2
8-13-2022 p2
8 14 2022
8 14 2022 2
8-14-2022 p2
songcast liarsjpg Page1
we get an answer but not one we asked 8-15-2022
still censoredjpg Page1
The later releases are up on YouTube right this second 19:22:38 8-15-2022 POLAND TIME

No one at not of man expects to get a real answer from song cast. The simple fact is they know the information is educational, they know it is 100% allowed and have no right to tell anyone what art is.

Art is subjective to the writer painter and author. While you may see what you like the fact of the matter is those are allowed under fair use for education and all of not of mans new album is for educational purposes. So you are going to have to explain to the courts how you have any right to censor art and public information.

Art can be educational and education can be art.

songs are not in violation as they are allowed on sound cloud and you tube with zero copyright issues

Not of Man