FBI J Edgar Hoover letter to Martin Luther King Jr : proof the US government is racist updated 2/3/2023

His own words point out how the government saw people of different races fighting for their right to exist (Human Shit, lucky for us he is worm food now. hope they ate you quick and you were aware and felt your body rotting as the devoured you from the inside out )

Strangely inst it these very people who are pointing a finger at others and for the blame. When they create the division and racism we see in the news and in the world. We grew up at a time all were equal and no one saw race only a human. This new world of dividing by race and sex is beyond disgusting and its time to point out the fact this is manufactured in order to make everyone fear each other.

Why is the fact that this has been hidden for so long this disgusting man wrote a letter to Martin Luther King Jr in such as way that it comes off racist bigoted and threatening along with blackmailing him into killing himself over his indiscretions with other females. Lets just say the only people who would have benefited from his death are not the people he was trying to raise up and allow to see their potential and be pushed down. What we get out of this letter is that they never wanted king to have power and in the end it cost him his live as they had complete control until he spoke up

Not of Man