Joe Biden 2019 – 2024

Joe Biden Page created 2/27/2020

The second amendment is not absolute
Joe biden lies about hunters lap top with text from a white house visitor who is working with hunters stating it was great to meet his father
Hunter Biden Income VS Your Income
2019 debate I will end the oil industry
promise to end fossil fuel
Joe Biden is forcing the U.s to go electric and it will raise all the prices for everything as oil is what transports everything around the world
Openly states he knew that sanctions would do nothing to Putin and so he did it anyways after signaling it was OK to have small incursions
Ashli Biden Diary that Project Veritas was raided over so 100% joe biden approved (shows sexual abuse and hatred for joe)
Joe Biden – de fund the police
Hunter Bide Laptop with Pictures
Joe Biden Human Trafficking Operations
I Cans REedz GOOD
The constitution is always changing
Build Back Better is not Joe Biden’s Plan
Joe Biden Anti Vaxer
Just Biden opens the door for Russia to invade and he is the reason we now have war
Wait there are background players LOL who control the world …. no way
Joe Biden Comedy act
longer before he was running we were reporting
Shhh this never happened
Not of Man