Despotism in action! Jeremy Boland 09/01/2022 Updated 9/07/2022

To watch his Video admission of his criminal behavior and attempts to brainwash students ( THIS IS FLAT OUT CHILD ABUSE )

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This is being used for comment and educational purposes as well as historical reference.
Our Music video for the song despotism and you can see its exactly what the song states we warned you !

This fuck ball literally explains how to control and brainwash teachers and children.
he over looks the legal process and decides what is right and wrong based on his own political beliefs
he openly discriminates against anyone of faith. ( Catholics the most ) He believes them to be unfixable
do to them being set in their ways. He also uses questioning like a psy op. Understanding how these people work is the easier way to spot one and expose them. We would love to say thank you to Project veritas for this incredible undercover story and there will be more to come.

We had to say told you all so. We literally had our music censored for explaining this to the public.
and they caught it on video. THANK YOU!

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