Oakland California public hearing 11-27-2023 with 1988 Hamas charter for fact checking. 18+ Graphic warning

Oakland California public hearing 11-27-2023 with 1988 Hamas charter for fact checking. These moron’s support murder and rape. If The woman was pregnant they cut the babies out of their bellies after raping and killing the mother. These uneducated assholes support this shit. Even biden saw the photos and video of the babies you idiots. They showed the videos in L.A ( Gal Gadot Wonder Woman was able to get idf body cams off the animals they slaughtered ) in order to show the truth. IDIOTS https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-features/gal-gadot-bearing-witness-screening-los-angeles-hamas-massacre-october-7-israel-1234873701/

The First speaker is Christina Gutierrez Email Address: cgutierrez2@oaklandca.gov seems she is now in hiding. Type in any government worker and a photo and wiki page will pop and nothing ?

As you can see like she said the I.D.F DID WHAT . Lying cunt

Feel free to find a photo of her and see they have been working as fast as possible to removed her from public view

Hezbollah and Hamas direct threat to the idiots in the video below.

Eli Beer United Haleakala of Israel republican Jewish conference

Using uneducated and moronic kids to spread disinformation about a hateful group who openly calls for the elimination of an entire religious belief and culture of people. While this seems alien understand we have removed the scary aspects of history for these kids and made everything they live in a safe space and so they have very little understanding of the world and reality around them.

When you have schools who make equity an issue and not equality and facts this is the out come we get.
a group of idiots who openly ask for history to repeat. When you have these kids repeating this stupidity in schools the learn nothing but indoctrination. College is bullshit

Education is not book smarts, education is experience and understanding a topic or situation being able to deal with problems and solve them while under stress and as you can see these kids do not have a fucking clue. They need a safe space and miseducation.

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