Graphine Oxide / Hydroxide, Dr Andreas Noack murdered? 30 mins after revealing it in the covid 19 vaccines

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He was the foremost expert in the field and was killed after revealing this information. As you can see the government was watching him as he starts speaking they raid his home. Over giving information. Next he explains Graphine oxide and what it is and does to the body. R.I.P Dr Andreas Noack His wife states it was a result from direct energy weapons. ( the united states government has been saying all through 2021 and 2022 their employees are being attacked with them as well.)

The two videos below will show you exactly what he is speaking of. after watching these listen to what he says and see its the exact medial issue these ladies are having.

He was not wrong he was 100% correct as we even have the studies of the vaccines with the ingredients

His last Video Part 1
Part 2 : we added a filter so you could clearly see the imprints on the white board in the back. The video was extremely hard to clean up
Full conversation P1 English translation
Full Conversation p2 English translation

Skip to page 4 and if you want an easier read please vist EU_TIMES just click the story title in the pdf.

Screenshot 2022 09 06 at 10 51 22 Leading German Chemist Andreas Noack Dies 30 Minutes After Exposing Graphene Oxide Possibly Assassinated

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