Fact Check your weather man, Global warming is a bullshit cult. 100% proof

Started 7-13-23 Update for 7-17-2023 updated 7-19-23

Enough proof to show global warming is a scam propagandized pile of lies. Its just another cult and a way to tax people so they can move to the monopoly of electricity only.

So here is the weather report for 7-17-23 and we will be fact checking the temps.
So to explain how they are doing small little twists to manipulate your mind. AT first you hear them disappointed about the temp’s then you hear here tell you about the highest temperature first. Then when you see the actual temp not in death valley.

So lets show you how its a brain washing
the highs in death valley is 133. So your brain hears the highest number first
Then they go on to contradict the very claim they make when you look at the temps

It is summer, not global warming then she goes on to show the dangerous the hottest days are 90s at most?

if you want to see if there has been a change go to the history of temps in the areas in past years and decades and you will see very little to no change.

we will be fact checking her report this week and posting the temps for the areas she states will be in the dangerous highs

As you watch the news reports look at the reported temperatures then just go to a site like this and go back in time and see if there is actually a change. This is how you expose the Lies and Bullshit being sold to people who have no idea to research or look at history VS what a box tells you.

The News Has been controlled by the C.I.A before the Church Hearings which exposed C.I.A working in the news to feed information regardless if true or not it was used to manipulate the public. So another example why have none of you been given the real death numbers from the covid vaccine and the real side effects. The news told you those right or was that us. it was us giving you the hidden fda document

her temp reading is 85 for Los Angeles so 3 degrees higher that July 1951

7-19-2023 Again the temp is 77 and her report said 85 degrees That’s an 8 degree difference.
the historic average temperature for this day is 75.5 degrees. So in reality 2 degree’s higher. Again mis information and propaganda from your weather reporters. Try this with any news channel.

The actual heat level for the update on 7-17-23

7-19-2023 Again the temp is 77 and her report said 85 degrees That’s an 8 degree difference.
the historic average temperature for this day is 75.5 degrees. So in reality 2 degree’s higher. Again mis information and propaganda from your weather reporters. Try this with any news channel.

This is part of agenda 2030 and the world economic forum and the united nations

As you can see from the data there has been almost no damn change. since the 70’s

So you now control the Ionosphere. You also admit to SAIS stratospheric aerosol injections systems.
chem trails that thing they said was a conspiracy theory yeah it never was and they have used it for decades. No one one the news has said shit about any of this have they.

As you read this notice the name sulfer dioxide they state it is non toxic and lets look up the actual substand and see

Its not as safe as they state it is
These contain aluminum barium and other toxic chemicals to the environments and the C.i.A John Brennen admits to weather control. So with these things known how is its that if you can control the weather and the ionosphere you are claiming global warming you poisoned the air openly admitting to it

Since the global warming scam for the last 8 or so months could not be pushed down our throats due to rain and weather. Now that it is hot the TV news is hot on the trail of misinformation and giving temperatures that do not reflect reality. yesterday we was said that it was going to 105 in Burbank Ca on a pathetic news station we refuse to mention. Now lets see what the real temps are in Burbank today.

one of our team members point out that the Tim Conway show is starting to do the same on KFI am 640
So we will go back and pull the audio for educational purposes and use it to show you what was said and what is the truth.

We want to thank Tim Conway Jr. for not following this cult bs science created by the WEF. Since they own the science and no matter what is said they own it. You can hear directly from this dusty old cunt bag.

That is not science and is not how the scientific method works. We all know you are lying

In the video below you openly hear the tech director for cnn explain how they manipulated you with covid numbers and fear. Then will explain that the next step will be to push global warming hard.
Just as he said the covid numbers ended and the global warming started being pushed down your throats. So you can hear it from the mouth of the cnn technical director that this was an agenda being pushed on the public. So every news network can eat a dick.

As for china and India if they do not change how they handle their issues then what is the fucking point for us to do anything because they offset whatever fucking goal you are trying to achieve. BTW fuck CHINA and XI limp dick winnie the poo

to go directly to the comment the time stamp is 5:50 – 6:17

This and all videos have been used under permission by James o’keef
As a heads up we watch the news to catch you in your lies then expose them so maybe start reporting the truth or this website is going to be filled your all your bs “we make 0 money from our work.”

Does this look anywhere near 105F so lets subtract 92 from 105 and see how completely wrong they were and how they are lying and trying to push global warming when this is the normal temps for summer if you look at amazon they last time the had a heat wave of 110 for 18 days was in the 70’s
so if they are looking at 10 days of 110 how is this global warming.

We will be fact checking the news channels then using the weather services to prove they are lying constantly and the temps are nowhere near what they are claiming. Just put your own temp thermometer outside your home. Its easy to see how badly they lie

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