George Soros The Nazi

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This man has single handedly destroyed countries and economy’s because he can
his father convinced a Nazi to take him in and he helped round up the Jewish people as well as take their property and gain his wealth. He is now one of the most powerful men in the world, but remains in shadows because he is still a Nazi. He is close with Anthony Fauci (Eugenicist) Bill Gates Sr (eugenicist) Rockefeller family (eugenicists) and much of the news media. Over 2020 when he had funded the riots and released the violent criminals back on the streets with his Shit for brains D.A’s who have help him gain control over the world and its population little by little over time. These are the men you are not supposed to know the history of too back for all of you ted turner and so on we have watched you for generations and we will expose you now.

The Documentary on George Soros He tried to have scrubbed from history all credit goes to the creator this is used under fair use of sections 107 for educational and historical purposes
good club
the good club world leaders and media figures. As you can see he has had a hand in our world for some time

Marie Harf of the CIA know that George Soros is doing every single action they speak of and yet she is running cover for him can anyone explain it ? very simple they wanted the chaos to happen
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