Donald Trump Indictment Video Confession, Recording and All PDF’s & threat

Stop trying to use the people as a weapon. We understand what you say you feel. But realize you cannot be president and only have one goal revenge on the people who went after you. While Clinton and her emails which can be read @

we suggest starting here cable state( 09_state67207_a )
she is discussing a biological weapon release from where ?????? and who ????? and is sharing that information with Australia and France along with others. her response to questioning was its racist to bring it up. Bill Clinton has Jeffery Epstein in the white house.
A pedophile child molester who in paying the president to refurbish the white house ???

Also you serve us we do not serve you and so do not think because you say something everyone will listen. The only ones who do are the idiots.

the D.O.J Donald Trump indictment.

The Recording

Not of Man