Divisionary (EDM, Dubstep, House, Trance)

Divisionary started out as a side project for not of man it started with the the name devils in dub
to DID to Dissociative identity disorder. Then Finding Kane, Long Live Dub step, Lost ANA, (For sure we are forgetting other names. We will add them out of respect

This was a way to experiment with the technical aspects of the new wave of music coming and trying to understand just what and how it works. and as you can see over time it became amazingly successful. One of the most interesting aspects of this band is a jazz drummer can produce amazing beats and sonic frequencies that make you go wtf.

This isn’t your average bro step this is technical EDM dub step and brought to by a trained jazz musicians.

We will add their other projects as well as everything that comes out it just more and more of an improvement. You are missed

All Publicly Released Divisionary Tracks

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Not of Man