Covid 19 Vaccines

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Used with permission by James O’keefe of Project Veritas By proxy

from the mouth of the vaccine makers and the Dr’s who give them out. Find out you have been lied to. Our family members have been killed. Now they will call it the side effects of covid-19. We will give you the vaccine inserts as well as the FDA side effects sheet and the changes they made to the vaccines over the years including the ingredients and how most of them are not for human use and are dangerous as hell.

The corruption goes as far as the chemical companies changing the label of the chemicals they sell in order to cover their asses. But ask yourself a quick question.
if water is sm102 is chloroform how does it change to ethanol. Why would you change the name from chloroform to ethanol unless you didn’t want people to know they were using chloroform sound like fraud.

O but don’t worry we have the documents and all will be added. Today is 9-7-2022 and this page was just created again after the censorship of our older site.

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Dr fauci the fraud murder of the covid 19 pandemic he created with peter daszak and zengali
Dr – The vaccine is full of shit
Blow dart the African Americans and We need a nazi registration
says racist comments then smiles and deflects away.
J&J Kids should not get the fucking vaccine
Pfizer your antibodies are better than the vaccine
running and hiding after being expose for defrauding Americans
Vice president and chief science officer: Viral Vaccines at Pfizer Vaccines Research and Development no answer when caught lying about aborted fetal tissue in the vaccines.

the cells are HEK with a digit HEK is Human Kidney Cells from an aborted fetus. The number is the number is children used until the desired mixture. Don’t forget it needs to have cancer to be an immortal cell line. Cancer is what a living bad cell that grows out of control it does not die it just stops when the host dies. Cancer is a parasite Cancer is like a zombie virus. They put those in your vaccines.

we would like to point out the catholic church lied to its followers and told them none of this was in the vaccine. Yes the Vatican lied to everyone. what would you expect from people who covered for their pedophiles.

All known side effects of the mRNA vaccine have been known for over ten years. We even have a video from the 1 of 5 people left alive from their mRNA studies explain it killed everyone and destroyed him as well.

The documents of the studies with mRNA killing everything and we will give you the test subjects video next

Vaccine ingredients and the real label for sm-102
1 of 5 left alive
Not of Man