The history of the covid 19 mask, Double, Triple masking. (Fact check us)

The history of the covid 19 mask, Double, Triple masking.

Another fun test to do on all the masks they have you wear is if you know someone who smokes have them wear each type of mask and inhale the smoke then exhale with the mask on and see how protected everyone really is. You will see beautiful clouds of smoke all around them show that the air is always being released and regardless of mask it still is smaller than the pores of goes through

Remember when they all told you to stand shoulder to shoulder in line and said get tested for the delta variant which was supposed to be far more contagious than the other 2 previous viruses.
You all lined up to get covid not a test how could none of you see that.

The best way to see how unsafe the masks are. is put an o2 meter under your mask. if you have anyone you know who works for an auto parts store or on cars they will usually have one. put on a mask and see how safe the levels are. then put the second mask on and see that you are now sufficating your brain of oxygen and then go for the big boy the 3 or 4 the see that you might as well be sucking down gas fumes because your brain is now deprived of oxygen

Wait you dont remember you were to wear up to 3 at a time? You dont you remember that ? thats normal its because the change information and the news stories so fast you have no time to focus on one at a time or even research. Unless you have a team who keeps historical records of everything

let us keep history in tact for you.

Dr Fauci’s 2008 paper that the masks caused bacterial pneumonia in the Spanish flu from the build up of bacteria on them.
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